Zodiac Birthstones of June and July: Gemini and Cancer


May 22 to June 21

Agate: This stone is associated with qualities such as communicative, versatile, adaptable, eloquent, intellectual, lively, youthful and witty. This stone wards off nervousness, inconsistency, tenseness, inquisitive, superficial and cunning.

Agate helps with harmonizing and keeping the body, spirit and mind balanced.

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June 22 to July 22

Emerald: Emerald is associated with love, and it has the name, “Stone of successful love.” It is associated with qualities like sympathetic, loving, intuitive, emotional, cautious, sympathetic and protective. It wards off qualities like touchy, moody, overemotional, changeable and the inability to let go.

Emerald is the stone known to bring loyalty and domestic loving bliss. It ensures unconditional love and long-lasting friendship.

Jewelry Ideas from BlackTreeLab: The “Water of Life” ring with four emeralds and Aquamarine, the “Arya” ring with emerald and four moonstones and the “Portal” ring with six emeralds on the sides and amethyst.