Sagittarius: Citrine, Topaz

November 23 to December 21

Citrine: This is a stone that is associated with being jovial, cheerful, straightforward, intellectual, freedom-loving, philosophical and optimistic. It wards off qualities such as being careless, restless, blindly optimistic, superficial, irresponsible and insensitive.

Citrine is an excellent provider of energy. It keeps your chakras clean and opens up your intuition. It is a stone believed to have a high affinity for success, prosperity and intuition. It also brings about delight, enthusiasm, wonder and joy.

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Topaz: This is a gemstone that stimulates, demotivates, heals, recharges, and soothes the body. It also aligns the meridians of the body. It is responsible for directing energy to the part of the body where energy is lacking. It is the stone that promotes forgiveness and truth.

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