Scorpio Birthstones: The Best Jewelry for those born from October, 24 to November, 24

Scorpio: Aquamarine, Beryl and Obsidian

October 24 to November 24

Aquamarine is also referred to as “Stone of Courage.” It has calming qualities which helps keep the mind stress-free and quiet. It works well for sensitive people and it helps you tolerate other people and erodes your sense of judgement.

Beryl: This is associated with behaviors that include being powerful, intuitive, emotional, forceful, magnetic, exciting and passionate. It counteracts behaviors such as jealousy, resentfulness, secretive, obsessive, obstinate and compulsive.

Beryl can also help detoxify the entire body and stimulate the liver. It helps keep the nervous system balanced. It is an excellent stone for calming and relieving the mind.

Obsidian: This gemstone enhances truth and is known to be a highly protective stone against negative energy. Helps its owner to understand who he truly is.

Jewelry Ideas from BlackTreeLab: Check out our Sterling Silver and 14K Gold “Water of life” ring made with Aquamarine that has emeralds on its sides or the Sterling Silver “Isa” ring made using Aquamarine or the “Winter Berry” made from a big beautiful Aquamarine with rubies adorning it, or "Deer" ring with Obsidian and Tourmaline.