Brand concept

At BlackTreeLab we design and handcraft highly detailed gold and silver rings, pendants and other types of jewelry. Here your jewelry is made using only genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones carefully selected by the brand owner himself. 

The uniqueness of the handcraft and the thorough selection of materials are the key points for us, so we offer the piece for sale only when it is brought to perfection and worthy of impart from generation to generation. 

We believe that each person is a jewel in their own nature, and our task is only to help reveal it. 

Brand history

The BlackTree brand is a project of designer and jeweler Dmitry Kuzin. Dmitry has been working as a jeweler for 15 years by now. It wasn’t easy from the very beginning. Having started his career in a large jewelry company, over the years, he consistently learned all the stages of jewelry-making, from the simplest and most ordinary products to the subtlest and complex ones. 

The year 2008 was a turning point in the life of the master. Dmitry leaves his prestigious job and travels to India. After long pilgrimages to ancient temples and Himalayan ranges, he returns to Moscow and opens his own workshop. You won’t believe, but he saw a new technique for working with wax ... in a dream! He tried it and it turned out to be his genie in a bottle.

After moving abroad, he continues to develop the brand. Dmitry is working on new ideas and models, conceptual embodiment of his jewelry, while some his students, who share his principles and ideals, help him with the technical implementation.

sacred jewelry by BlackTreeLab

Manifestation and design

The design of our jewelry is inspired by the heritage of ancient cultures and natural elements from different parts of the world. Ideas are born during long wanderings: the myths and legends of Tibet, Egypt and India, the Gothic patterns and the unique flora of the underwater world, joined together. The combination of these motifs creates a special style called BlackTree. The firm conviction that each person is unique makes us look for a new incarnation for each subject. The eclecticism of jewelry traditions of the East and the West, modern design trends and secrets of the old masters are intertwining, creating something unique each time.

Creating jewelry process


Shortly about the name

In ancient times, the black tree, along with gold and ivory, was considered a treasure, and only geniuses were trusted to work with this material. Objects made from the black tree often served as talismans, which connected a person with his inner world, bestowing protection and endowing him with life force. The brand’s name refers exactly to those features of the black tree.

 sacred jewelry BlackTreeLab