10 jewelry trends that are here to stay in

Trends in jewelry change from year to year. But there are also those trends that remain relevant for years and even decades. Such jewelry will suit different looks regardless of fashion trends. We have selected for you a list of trends that have been and will continue to be relevant for a very long time.


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1. Floral designs

People's love for flowers will always be there because it is a true beauty that changes the mood. People have always tried to convey the beauty of flowers and plants in jewelry.

The graceful lines, and the beauty of the details are all sure to catch the eye. We truly love graceful floral designs in jewelry, we are convinced they will always be on trend. 



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2. Minimalist jewelry

Minimalism is something that will never go out of fashion. Jewelry created in the concept of minimalism will also always be relevant. Their unobtrusive designs complement any image, both casual and sporty, strict or delicate. Any of your images will look complete if you choose even the simplest jewelry with a minimalist design. 

3. Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are jewelry used for special occasions. For example, you wore your amazingly beautiful dress to a party and complimented your image with a ring that is designed for special occasions in your life. Such rings will also be relevant always because there will always be an opportunity to show off your unusual rings at various events.

4. Jewelry with natural stones

Gold or silver jewelry is practical and durable. Don't be alarmed if your jewelry has stones in it. Natural minerals are something that our planet has given us. We can enjoy the amazing beauty of minerals in our jewelry.

Products with minerals are sure to be in demand because their beauty cannot be underestimated. The main thing to keep in mind is the naturalness of minerals. Always choose minerals carefully to be sure of their authenticity.

5. Pearl Jewelry

Rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants with pearls are classic jewelry that looks good with different looks, so such jewelry is always trendy. Do not be afraid to combine pearl jewelry with other items, it will create your unique style. 

6. Massive rings

Rings and other massive rings are ideal for both men and women. Such rings make a statement, they imply the possibility of using symbols and large stones. A solid ring can be a true reflection of your personality, so we recommend thinking about creating a custom ring that shows you off as an individual.


7. Symbolic pendants

Pendants are something that will always be on-trend. A pendant, just like a massive ring, can reflect your personality, as if it speaks about you. Such a pendant will always be relevant, regardless of fashion trends. 

8. Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry refers to jewelry over 20-30 years old that was popular at the time it was created. Now vintage items are in high demand. After all, this is not just jewelry, behind each of them there is a story. Combining vintage pieces with modern pieces is a special art, an interesting process that requires taste.

It is worth noting that some pieces are made in a vintage style, but are not vintage. This is normal and deserves attention. Often such products are very sought after and fashionable.

9. Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is not only very practical things, but it is also always stylish. It is an irreplaceable classic in the world of jewelry. If you choose one piece of gold jewelry, it is likely to stay with you for a long time, without losing its relevance and sophistication. And in the future, it will pass into the category of vintage, which will give it even more charm.

10. Ring Earrings

Another irreplaceable trend is small earrings rings. Such earrings go with any look, both a dressy dress and an office suite. This is their main feature, they create a base for your jewelry. 

We have told you about 10 trends which in our opinion will never go out of fashion. You can have no doubt, that each of these pieces will always be relevant to your image. They do not obey the laws that dictate so rapidly changing fashion trends.   

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