We are against a one-size-fits-all solution

Made by hands with passion

All our pieces are made without the use of mass produced manufacturing machinery. We pay extremely high attention to details to make each jewel really perfect.

In our works, we use only high-quality silver and gold, as well as natural stones: aquamarines, labradorites, fire opals, amethysts, sapphires, rubies, and many others.

All materials are carefully selected, and are shipped from different parts of the world: India, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, etc.

Each person is a jewel

No people are alike. No jewelry is alike.

We believe that each person is a jewel in their own nature, and our task is only to help reveal it. You will definitely feel how powerful these pieces are.

The uniqueness of the handcraft and the thorough choice of materials are the key points for us, so each piece of jewelry is different from the other and is offered for sale only when brought to perfection and worthy of impart from generation to generation.

Perfection in details

Natural materials and excellent handcrafting

Inspired by ancient cultures, wild and underwater nature in Tibet, Egypt, India, Indonesia

The combination of these motifs creates a special style called BlackTree. The eclecticism of jewelry traditions of the East and the West, modern design trends and secrets of the old masters are intertwining, creating something unique each time.

Our Absolute Bestseller

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Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring Set of 2 "Cleo+Mio" - blacktreelab

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