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Since 2005, the head designer and co-founder of the Blacktree brand, Dmitry has honed his skills as a prolific designer and master jeweler who works with maddening inspiration, creating each piece of jewelry from pencil sketch to stone setting.
After starting his career at a major jewelry company, Dimitry left his prestigious job in 2008 to travel to India. One night during a long pilgrimage to ancient temples and Himalayan ranges, he dreamed of an advanced wax jewelry-making technique. When he woke up, he tried the technique and the results were stunning. It was the beginning of his journey as an independent jeweler.

But the Himalayan wonders did not end there: after six years from Dmirty’s Himalayan trip, in 2014 in the same mountains Dmitry met me, Natalia (his future wife), and together we founded the brand BlackTreeLab.

Dmitry Kuzin, co-owner of BlackTreeLab
Dmitry Kuzin and Suta

For now we have a cozy studio among rice fields outside Ubud in Bali, Indonesia, where Dmitry focuses on innovative design, outstanding quality of workmanship, and impeccable selection of materials. Each piece of jewelry is offered for sale only when Dmitry has brought it to perfection and feels it is heirloom-worthy. 

Dmitry continues to work tirelessly on new jewelry concepts and models while training students who share Dmitry’s commitment to excellence and have the talent to help him with the technical implementation of each piece.



What Drives Us

We are driven by the belief that each person is a jewel in their own nature; our task is only to help reveal it. 

Seeing is believing! View our look book and our catalog to take in Dmitry’s work.

We look forward to capturing your essence in an incredible piece of handcrafted jewelry art!

Natalia Kruglova Kuzin

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