Jewelry as Pieces of Art



What Black Tree is?

In ancient times, the black tree was treasured for its striking ebony wood. Many believed talismans crafted from blackwood conferred magical properties, offering protection while igniting a person’s life force.

It is out of our own love of the Earth’s precious elements as a life-giving gift from our planet that we named our business BlackTree Lab. Our family-owned, custom jeweler brand maintains a focus on crafting stunning, highly detailed gold and silver rings, pendants and other jewelry incorporating only the finest 925 sterling silver, gold, and hand-picked gemstones.


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Every handcrafted piece of bespoke and heirloom jewelry is infused with the passion of master Dmitry Kuzin as he attempts to capture in his craftsmanship a sense of awe of the natural world. Obsessed with perfection, Dmitry is invested in each step of the jewelry production process, working toward a grand vision that every piece truly come to life.

Dmitry’s eclectic artistic style draws from ancient Eastern and Western traditions, tapping into secrets of ancient jewelry masters while putting a modern touch on each piece. His design ideas are born of long wanderings through the natural world as well as the myths and legends of Tibet, Egypt, India, and the Gothic patterns and unique flora of the underwater world. His goal is to create something ethereal and timeless, a treasure to be adored by the wearer and proudly passed down through the generations.

Since 2005, Dmitry has honed his craft as a prolific designer and a master jeweler who works with mad inspiration to create every piece of jewelry from pencil sketch to stone setting.

After starting his career in a large jewelry company, Dmitry left his prestigious job in 2008 to travel to India. One night during his long pilgrimage to ancient temples and Himalayan ranges, he dreamt of a cutting-edge technique for crafting jewelry with wax. When he awoke, he tried the technique and the results were stunning. This was the birth of the BlackTree Lab brand.

At our cozy studio among rice fields outside Ubud in Bali, Indonesia, Dmitry focuses on innovative design, outstanding quality of workmanship, and impeccable selection of materials. Each piece of jewelry is offered for sale only when Dmitry has brought it to perfection and feels it is heirloom-worthy.

As news of Dmitry’s expert craftsmanship spread around the world, our small family company experienced tremendous growth. Our company began as a passion project as we spent hours refining our design ideas with our three small children underfoot. Today BlackTree Lab is a full-grown business with an excellent team of assistants who help us provide our customers with an experience that is as stellar as their jewelry will be.

Dmitry continues to work tirelessly on new jewelry concepts and models while training students who share Dmitry’s commitment to excellence and have the talent to help him with the technical implementation of each piece.



What Drives Us

At BlackTree Lab, we believe every person is like a precious gemstone, each with his or her own unique sparkle. We are driven by the belief that each person is a jewel in their own nature; our task is only to help reveal it.

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