Handmade Genuine Jewelry Collections by BlackTreeLab


This consists of tropical plants and flowers that have been admired across different races over many centuries. These have inspired the creation of the best examples of BlackTreeLab jewelry. The flagship “Cleo” ring which is made with intertwined tree branches and classical rose which comes with a mysterious thistle flower or beautiful twig ring sets that have multiple gemstones depending on the choice of the customer.


All over the world, animals have always contributed power and beauty to legends. According to widespread beliefs, a person who owns a totem animal can take the character of that animal such as the adaptability of a lizard, concentration and clear mind of an owl and the brevity of a lion. All of these were put together to make the special “Fauna” collection and to give you the opportunity to have a part (spirit or power) of your totem animal in your pendant, bracelet or handmade ring.



Our master, on his long sojourns around the world to various countries, has studied ancient symbolism. From all the knowledge he gained from traveling to India, Indonesia, Egypt and Europe, he was able to create the Trishul or Pentagram pendants and the Buddha, Indian or Egyptian jewelry lines.


Engagement and Wedding

Our wedding and engagement rings are made using 14K Gold or 925 Sterling Silver, and they have the BlackTreeLab signature design which a lot of people have come to appreciate. You can get them either separately or as wedding ring sets. All our rings are unique, and even when you take a look at the matching band set or the ideally curved lines in Vita or the measured flower elements in our 14K Gold wedding band, you will surely appreciate the art that went into the creation of these ring collections.