Handmade Jewelry Pieces


A Passion for Quality

Our benefits


Made by hand

Our masters make strictly handmade products. Each of our products is made with the goal to last a lifetime and be passed down as a family heirloom. 

Made with love to Earth

Our team pays attention to the intelligent use of the Earth's resources. By working with our hands, we significantly reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions. All of our production consumables are used as sparingly as possible, and we recycle metal waste. 

Made with great attention to detail 

Our craftsmen work very carefully, constructing every tiny design element by hand. We want to make sure that we send our customers sophisticated work of the highest quality. 

Lifetime warranty

All of our jewelry pieces have a lifetime warranty. Any stone, gold or silver used in your jewelry is our responsibility. If anything should go wrong with your jewelry, get in touch with us immediately so that you can ship the jewelry to us for fixing.

Worldwide delivery

We provide free worldwide shipping for orders over $100 to any place in the world! We have partnered with some of the most trusted delivery companies of international repute, such as Fedex and DHL.

Free returns

We provide our U.S. customers with the ability to return products at no charge if they don't fit for any valid reason.