10 tips for buying handmade jewelry online how to buy vintage jewelry

In today's world, no one is surprised by online shopping. Almost everything can be bought without leaving home. It is the same with jewelry, you can spend hours choosing the most beautiful items, and you do not need to go anywhere. Handmade jewelry, which has a special energy, is especially in demand now. In this article, we will share a few important tips on buying handmade and vintage jewelry.


It is important to know whether the seller himself makes handmade jewelry. Photographs of the process of making jewelry will add trustfulness. If the seller is not willing to answer such questions, then you should wonder if the jewelry is handmade.

1. Trust in the store

First of all, the key to a good purchase in an online store is the integrity of the store. Any honest and self-respecting seller will not sell fake or low-quality items. This is especially true for vintage jewelry (items that are over 20-30 years old). So first of all, check the store, pay attention to the reviews, contact the store representative, and find out about the warranties the seller provides. When you are confident in the honesty of the store, it will be easier for you to make a choice and make a purchase.


2. Find out where the seller got the jewelry

Of course, it is important to know whether the seller himself makes handmade jewelry. Photographs of the process of making jewelry will add trustfulness. If the seller is not willing to answer such questions, then you should wonder if the jewelry is handmade.

If you are interested in buying vintage jewelry, you should be especially careful to check its authenticity. It is important to know where the jewelry was purchased, for example, this product is from the seller's collection, or the jewelry was bought at a fair, was received as a gift, etc. You can also always ask about the history of the piece.

3. Check the metal

Before buying, it is better to make sure of the quality of the metal. It is necessary to clarify from the seller what metal was used to produce the product. If it is silver, it is better to know what kind of silver it is, and also it is desirable to know the composition of silver. We recommend that you avoid nickel as it may cause allergic reactions to your skin.

If you are buying a vintage piece, be sure to ask about the metal, and better yet, ask for documents to prove it. Even 20-30 years ago there may have been different standards and different metal alloys may have been used for the pieces than now. This greatly affects the quality of the jewelry.

4. Make sure the price is correct

The price for handmade items cannot be too low, as each piece of jewelry is handmade. Therefore, do not be happy when you see a price for a product that is too low. There may be a deception behind it. For example, the jewelry is made of non-precious or low-quality metal, or the stones are synthetic.

It is important to remember that quality handmade items cannot be cheap. Also, vintage pieces of special value cannot have a low price.

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5. Note the sample

When you find the perfect vintage piece, pay attention to which hallmark is stamped on the piece. We recommend researching the specifics of each so that you are aware and do not fall victim to fraud.

6. Consider different designs

We recommend not to make spontaneous purchases of handmade jewelry because then there is a high probability that the product will not fit any of your looks. It's better to think about every detail of your look with your new piece of jewelry.

It is also important to choose vintage jewelry with great care. Because not all products will look good with modern clothes. We recommend you to think over every detail beforehand.

7. Security of purchase 

To make sure that you have the jewelry after purchase, we advise you to buy from a trusted store. Always read what is written in the rules of payment, whether there is an option to return the product after receiving it. It is important that if you don't like the quality of the item, or you just don't like it, you can return it and get a refund.

8. Find out about repairs and upgrades

Before making a purchase, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the rules relating to the repair of handmade jewelry. So that you do not have to look for a jewelry studio yourself, it is worth finding out in advance about the possibility of replacing the stone and restoring the broken parts. Also, over time, the jewelry will wear out and lose its shine, so it is also good to be able to return the piece to the seller to restore its former appearance.

9. Checking for consistency with the photos on the website

If you have doubts about a piece of jewelry, ask the seller to send you some photos of the chosen piece. So you will be able to understand in advance whether this jewelry is suitable for you and whether it corresponds to the photos presented in the store.

10. Consider creating a custom handmade piece of jewelry

If you've been searching but still can't find the perfect piece of handmade jewelry, consider finding a store that will make a custom piece for you. This is often an outlet for people who have difficulty choosing the perfect piece from a catalog. 


Handmade jewelry is jewelry that is made with care and attention. These items are usually sold in small stores, which ensures that each customer is treated with special care. Vintage jewelry also does not cease to be popular, so be sure to know the peculiarities of buying such products. By paying attention to the important points regarding the purchase of such items, you can avoid trouble and disappointment during the purchase.

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