10 tips for buying jewelry

Buying jewelry is always an interesting, but also a difficult process. After all, such jewelry should be special, reflecting your individuality and fitting to different images. That's why you should be very careful when choosing and buying jewelry. We have compiled for you top 10 tips to help you when choosing jewelry. 


Whether you're buying the piece for yourself or to give a gift to a loved one, these tips can help you choose a really good piece and not be disappointed. 


When choosing items, always pay attention to the metal of which the jewelry is made. The most famous and reliable metals are silver and gold.

We don't recommend that you buy your jewelry without asking the seller about the composition of the metal. For example, silver with nickel may cause allergic reactions in the skin. Products with nickel should be avoided.

 Gold also varies in composition: 24K, 18K, 14K, 12K, and other types. Not every kind of gold is practical. For example, 24k gold is too soft and not suitable for jewelry making.

When choosing a piece, also pay attention to the condition of the metal, whether it has scratches or dents. These defects cannot be repaired by yourself, so it is best to check for them at the time of purchase.


When selecting products with stones, always check the naturalness of the stones offered to you by the seller. There are different ways to check, but the most reliable way is to ask the seller for the documents confirming the genuineness of the minerals.

You should not give in to the urge to buy a stone cheaper than its market value, because most often, fake or synthetic stones are what’s behind the stones with the cheap price.

Many buyers get lost in the choice of minerals, so it is advisable to study in advance the stones that suit you, such as your zodiac sign, the month of birth, etc. You can also be guided by your feelings.


Before you buy a ring, you should check the size of your finger. You can ask a jeweler or measure your finger yourself. The same goes for determining the size of a bracelet. If you are unsure of the size, try asking your jewelry dealer for advice. 


Before you buy a product in the store, we recommend assessing the quality of the products. Be sure to look at the reviews, read the description of products. This will help to form your own opinion about the quality of jewelry. The price that is too low should alert you because such products usually have low quality. 


We recommend that you ask the retailer about the possibility of having the ring engraved. You can also inquire about the possibility of altering the product to suit your preferences. Many sellers are willing to make some modifications to the product to make you feel more comfortable. 



Quality jewelry is usually durable, but unforeseen situations can still happen. For example, a jewel may fall out, a stone may be scratched, the item may be bent, etc. To be sure that you will get help for such problems, ask the retailer in advance about the repair or return policy. 


Before buying in online stores, we recommend that you carefully read the description of the jewelry you want to buy. You will get information about the metal, the stones, and the care. Sometimes jewelry is not suitable for daily wear, it is usually written about that in the product description. 


Many stores are ready to make a product for you according to a custom sketch. Do not hesitate to ask the seller about this possibility. This will allow you to create a unique piece of jewelry.


Do not forget about the reviews of the products that are sold in the store you are interested in. Look at the actual photos of the products, assess their compliance with the photos presented in the store. 


Of course, you should choose jewelry thoughtfully. We recommend that you evaluate the style of the jewelry, as well as understand whether it fits your clothes and style in general. After all, it would be a shame to buy a piece of jewelry that you won't have anything to wear. 


Whether you're buying the piece for yourself or to give a gift to a loved one, these tips can help you choose a really good piece and not be disappointed. 

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