5 Jewelry Style Tips You Need to Know: Accessories to complement your clothing

There are plenty of rules when it comes to picking out clothes and creating your style, but without the right jewelry, even the most beautiful outfit can remain unfinished. It is important to know how to match your jewelry to your clothes to create the best looks that will reflect your personality. In this article, we'll look at 5 basic things to know to create the perfect look.


Your jewelry must complement your image, it should match what you're wearing. In that case, it will be a legitimate addition to your style. 


1. Match your style

Everyone has their style, some change styles often and even combine them, and some stick to one style for years and have a hard time accepting the changes going on in the fashion world.

Your jewelry must complement your image, it should match what you're wearing. In that case, it will be a legitimate addition to your style.

You shouldn't be afraid to mix styles or choose non-standard jewelry, because that is how interesting looks are born.

However, it is always worth remembering the basic rules for the combination of jewelry. Let's consider a few of them.

For example, it is necessary to combine clothes and jewelry in color. And if silver and gold are universal colors suitable for any color of clothes, for example, large colored stones or colored elements in the jewelry can ruin the color balance.

We recommend that you use a color wheel when choosing jewelry to match your clothes. You can choose opposite colors on the wheel as well as neighboring (related) colors.

There is also a rule for matching pendants with the neckline on your clothing:

1) For a V-neck, a pendant in the shape of a V or Y will work.

2) A low-hanging pendant works with a boat neckline.

3) If your dress has a heart-shaped neckline, it’s recommended to use a V-shaped pendant.

The basic rule is that the pendant chain must be shorter than the neckline.



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5 Jewelry Style Tips You Need to Know:

2. Decide on the accent of the outfit

Experimenting with jewelry is very useful, but it is important to stop when needed. You mustn't get carried away because you might lose your style. We don't recommend combining a lot of jewelry at once.

For example, you can wear big earrings and a small pendant. To properly complement your look with jewelry, it's better to use the accent rule.

Choose the part of the image that you would like to emphasize. Maybe it will be the cleavage area or the arms. Try to experiment with the accent area, then you will find something to highlight in your look. 

3. Create Layers

For those who like bold and colorful looks, we recommend trying mixing jewelry by creating layers. Try combining chains of different lengths, textures, and shapes. This will help draw attention to your look. Don't forget about accent points and, of course, a sense of proportion. You can create layers with both chains and bracelets. This will help make the look more interesting and lively. 

4. Appropriateness for the event

Your outfit can be perfect, but if it does not match the concept of the event, it won’t matter, and there is a risk of looking silly. That's why we recommend finding out the dress code of the event you're going to in advance and thinking about what clothes to wear, as well as what jewelry to complement the image.

And if you often go for a casual look, try to complement it with your interesting jewelry to make the image non-trivial.


5. Match your jewelry to yourself

Sometimes jewelry looks great in a photo, but when you put it on yourself, you think, "something's not right." And the thing is that this product does not fit your parameters. After all, everyone has his characteristics and body parameters.

For example, the earrings should be chosen according to the type of face. A face with rounded outlines fit elongated earrings, and a square face - round earrings. The same is the case with the chains, you should choose them based on the parameters of the neck.

Also, it is recommended to choose the color of the jewelry metal according to your skin tone.

For example, silver perfectly emphasizes the cool tones of your skin, and gold on the contrary emphasizes the warm tones and dark hair. 

Do not be afraid to experiment and try new and unusual combinations of jewelry and clothing. That is how personal preferences and your unique style are born. And our recommendations will help make such experiments safe enough.

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