5 Reasons Opal may be YOUR gem

Opal stone is now at the peak of its popularity. It is a stone with magical shimmers inside that mesmerize so much that it is impossible to take your eyes off it. The beauty of opals simply cannot be overlooked, the stone is striking, inspiring, and impressive. Its appearance with an incredibly beautiful effect of glow inside, useful properties, naturalness will not leave anyone indifferent. We suggest that you read more about the reasons why opal may be right for you.


Opal is a really beautiful stone. It comes in many varieties: black, white, fire, Ethiopian opal, honey, and Peruvian.


Opal is a sedimentary stone that was formed because the water was seeping through the earth for a long time and deposited in the cavities where opals were later formed.
This stone has special energy because of its ancient origin. This is the best way to find a natural stone, which means it is created by nature itself. This is why this kind of stone has the most powerful properties and influence on people.


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Opal Jewelry


Opal is a really beautiful stone. It comes in many varieties: black, white, fire, Ethiopian opal, honey, and Peruvian. There are also many very unusual types, such as boulder and matrix opal, which are closely associated with the rock in which they grew, as well as moss opal, which has inclusions that resemble moss. There are many varieties of opal, they come in different colors, and each one looks interesting in its own way. Because of the abundance of choices, everyone can find an opal that he or she likes.



Opal is one of the few minerals that has the unique effect of playing with light inside which is called opalescence. The effect is that the plates inside the stone reflect light, which causes it to glow. It is precisely for this effect that opal crystals are loved.

It is worth mentioning again that only precious opals are valuable, in other words, those that have a shimmering color inside. The number of colored spots inside, the color, size, and type of opal will affect the price.


The stone is endowed with many healing properties, for example, the mineral is useful in helping with diseases of the eyes, hair, nails, and the stone restores the water balance in the human body; it can cleanse the blood and kidneys, lower the body temperature, restore hormonal balance in women.

We should not forget about the metaphysical properties and opal meaning:

  • Opal helps in creative development.
  • It influences one's emotionality and helps one to see the world in a positive mood.
  • This stone protects one from outside absorption of energy.
  • It helps to find and express oneself, to achieve success.


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Opal is especially suitable for the following Zodiac signs - Libra and Taurus. For Libra, opal is a companion on the road to harmony. This stone will set the right mood, give inspiration, and help in the development to achieve the goals. Also, the stone helps to protect representatives of this sign from negative situations and various accidents.

Taurus people find the stone useful because it reveals the gift of foresight. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac will also find a good mood and it will become a familiar condition for them.

Opals are great for working with all the Chakras.

Opal is a stone for those born in October. For such people, opal helps them find harmony and prosperity, allows them to clear their thoughts, and concentrate to achieve their goals.

Opal is a stone that has amazing beauty, properties, and influence on people. This stone is indeed very valuable and beloved. The reasons described in this article will help you decide if the opal is right for you or if you should look into other stones. The choice, of course, is only a suggestion; you can make it based on your own feelings and tastes. Sometimes opal is good for you, but sometimes you just don't like it and then you don't get or feel all the effects of the mineral.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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