5 things you must have in your jewelry box new

Every girl has a set of jewelry, some have a large selection, and some have a versatile collection of pieces that go well with each other. In this article, we will talk about the 5 most versatile pieces that should be in your jewelry box.


In creating your own collection of jewelry, it is important to choose the items that will not just lie around and wait a long time. 

1. Statement ring

The statement ring is notable because it has a large stone in the center. This is a ring that is used for special occasions. These pieces are very popular as they become a bright accent to even the most basic items of clothing.

The fashion for such rings appeared in the 20s of the last century and those are popular today. They help to complete the image and add sophistication.

It is worth noting that statement rings do not necessarily have to be large, they can be medium-sized. Also, the ring can be decorated with different stones on the sides of the central stone. Various elements of design on the ring will also look appropriate.

2. Pendant with stone

Another indispensable item in your jewelry box will be a pendant with a chain, which can be used as everyday jewelry.

 We recommend paying attention to pendants with natural minerals which are suitable for you. You can choose a mineral according to your zodiac, name, and month of birth. In any case, the right stone will have a positive effect on you.

It is also worth considering pendants with minerals that are suitable for all girls, such as moonstone, rose quartz, or amethyst. These stones have soft energy that blends well with feminine energy. 

3. Moonstone ring

Moonstone is a unique mineral that is suitable for absolutely all girls, as it has feminine energy. This mineral promotes the disclosure of creative abilities, helps to stay in a resourceful state, and contributes to the adjustment of the nervous system. Therefore, we recommend having a ring with a moonstone in your collection. You can wear such a ring every day without worrying that the stone will lose its properties or will begin to affect you negatively.

4. Stud earrings

In addition to rings and pendants, studs are another option. Such earrings can be worn both for everyday walks and business meetings. They go well with any clothes and with other jewelry such as rings, and pendants.

5. Ring without a stone

Another versatile piece of jewelry is a minimalist ring without a stone. Such a ring will match your other rings of the same metal. This works in case you have a bright ring on one hand, and you would like to wear a simple ring on the other hand.

It is also possible to choose a ring that will match one with a stone so that it can be worn on the same finger. In this case, it is important that the rings fit together well and there is no chance of damaging both of them.

Also, sometimes, to create a stylish look with jewelry, it is enough to use several simple rings, for example, with different plating structures or with different thicknesses. These rings can be combined with each other to create interesting variations.


In creating your own collection of jewelry, it is important to choose such items that will not just lie around and wait a long time. Wear your jewelry often. In order to do this, you should choose such jewelry which will go well with your clothes and with your style in general. Then every outfit will be complete.

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