5 tips for choosing a gemstone

Choosing minerals is a rather complicated process. In order not to make a wrong choice, it is necessary to know not only the physical characteristics of a mineral but also to know its metaphysical meaning. All this frightens people who have no experience in choosing minerals. That is why we have prepared 5 tips for choosing a gemstone, which is worth paying attention to when choosing minerals for your jewelry.


No matter how beautiful a stone is, one should know at least something about its physical properties. First of all, this concerns the hardness of stones. 

1. Physical properties of stone

No matter how beautiful a stone is, one should know at least something about its physical properties.

First of all, this concerns the hardness of stones. There is a universal scale of Mohs hardness that has 10 hardness units, where 1 is the softest stone and 10 is the hardest. This means that each stone has a specific value on this scale. For example, amethyst is 7 and moonstone is 6 to 6.5, which corresponds to medium hardness.

Hardness determines whether a mineral scratches often. Jewelry with stones whose hardness is not the highest (below 6) requires more careful and frequent care.


2. Features of stone

It is also important to pay attention to the peculiarities of each particular mineral. For example, some minerals require special attention. Opals are amazingly beautiful stones, but they contain up to 20% of water, which creates certain difficulties when wearing and storing them. For example, you should not leave them in a dry room, you should not bathe with them, and you should always watch opal to see if there is enough water in it.

Also with pearls, some peculiarities are worth paying attention to. For example, pearls do not tolerate chemicals, such as perfume, creams, chlorinated water, etc. It requires adhering to certain rules when wearing jewelry with pearls. 

3. Birthstone

Information about birthstones can help you choose a stone. Each month is patronized by one or more birthstones. These stones can help you realize your goals and can also be powerful amulets. For example, pearls, moonstone, or alexandrite are suitable for people born in June, and emeralds are suitable for those born in May. If you believe in the healing power of birthstones, it makes sense to know your birthstone before choosing one.

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5 tips for choosing a gemstone

4. Therapeutic properties of the mineral

When choosing a mineral, we recommend that you understand what goals you would like to achieve with it. For example, if you have trouble sleeping, you are haunted by insomnia and nightmares, it makes sense to consider a moonstone, which calms the nervous system and helps to eliminate problems related to sleep.

We also recommend that before you buy, you write down the main goals that you want to achieve. For example, if you need self-confidence, then you may want to consider citrine, emerald, or ruby, which strengthens a person's leadership position.

5. Cut and size stone

Before you buy a stone or jewelry with a stone, it is also worth deciding on the size of the mineral. It is worth noting that not all stones come in good quality in a large size. For example, fire opals or large-sized sapphires are difficult to find in good quality. Also, it is a good idea to decide in advance what cut you would like. For example, the most popular type of cut is cabochon, which means a smooth stone. Other popular varieties of cut are the marquise, the elongated shape, and the circle cut. It often happens that the stone a person chooses cannot be cut in a certain way, which upsets the person. Therefore, it is better to decide on the stone in advance and check the possibility of cutting it. 


There are many factors to rely on when choosing a stone. We recommend taking into consideration the 5 tips for choosing a gemstone, which we've described in this article. Then you will be more confident in your choice and you will not have any unpleasant surprises while using the mineral.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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