7 Moonstone benefits

that make this gem a must-have

The Moonstone is a perfect mineral with a unique lunar glow. It is incredibly beautiful, used in a variety of jewelry, and always looks unusual and fascinating.

Many people around the world choose Moonstone for their jewelry, which is perfectly natural, because Moonstones have a variety of properties that will surely interest you. These stones not only have interesting and useful properties, but also many advantages. Here you will find the 7 most important advantages of Moonstone. Of course, this list of advantages could go on a lot longer; but we are hopeful that once you have seen the main advantages they provide, you will simply fall in love with this stone.


Since ancient times, Moonstone has been called the most feminine stone that absolutely any woman can wear.



Since ancient times, Moonstone has been called the most feminine stone that absolutely any woman can wear. This mineral enhances female energy and adjusts energy cycles.

It is also important for women to maintain hormonal balance, and Moonstone is an excellent aid in this regard.

Moonstone is used during childbirth and pregnancy. It helps relieve pain during childbirth and has a positive effect on a pregnant woman's mobility and emotional state. The Moonstone is also an excellent means of conception, as it increases fertility.

Women usually have a stronger intuition than men, and a Moonstone helps to develop this even more. It reveals a woman's strength and even shows her clairvoyant abilities.


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Moonstone ring
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Moonstone engagement ring
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Moonstone ring


The Moonstone is called the "Stone of Lovers", it evokes tenderness in people and protects the emotions. It perceives and attracts love and is worn as a talisman to bring love into your life. The stone is associated with such traits as sincerity, tenderness, sensuality and loyalty, and it is these components that are the key to a strong relationship.

It has long been believed in India that the crystals of Moonstone brought Lakshmi and Vishnu to Earth, which received them from the Moon. The Moonstone in India is a symbol of love and passion that can be aroused in a person. In this culture, Moonstones are still considered sacred.

Your partner will be happy to receive a Moonstone decoration as a gift. These stones are perfect when set in a moon ring. In this placement, Moonstone appears subtle, yet remarkably interesting. Its gentle shimmer and sparkle will always remind you of such a romantic event as the engagement.


Emotional state is the basis of our mood and life in general. Would it be good for you if you had a constantly changing mood?

Moonstone affects our emotions, it balances and calms them, so you get true harmony and balance. Wearing this mineral will make you feel at peace, and no negative emotions can shake your emotional state.


A Moonstone is ideal for those who suffer from insomnia and simply for those who do not sleep well at night. As mentioned above, Moonstone has an emotional effect, it relaxes and calms, and therefore promotes good sleep. Removing intrusive thoughts and worries about business, you can relax and fall asleep. We recommend that you keep a mineral or Moonstone crystal near your bed or under your pillow. This stone can also be used to calm children who are overactive, and the stone will also help children sleep better and sleep all night.
It has long been believed that Moonstones can give children the opportunity to dream consciously. This seems impossible, but many people do say this about Moonstone.


You probably think that Moonstone is only suitable for women and that only women wear jewelry with it. Of course, this is not the case. A lot of Moonstone jewelry is designed for men. Many of the properties of this stone have an impact on men, such as calming emotions, maintaining hormonal balance, affecting sleep and others. Moonstone will always boost the energy of its owner, regardless of gender.

Men will also benefit from this stone, helping them to tame any anger and fight their inner tension. The stone will also bring relief to men who are negatively affected by the full moon.

Since ancient times, Moonstone has been considered the talisman of speakers and confident people.


Moonstone is often called the "Stone of New Beginnings". This is because this mineral helps with new undertakings, it enhances your intuition and, of course, directs you in the right direction – preventing you from losing your way.

Moonstone is great for you if you are starting a business, or a new job at a company, or simply just trying out a new hobby. You can wear Moonstone jewelry, or put a crystal in your new workplace, and the stone will start to actively show its properties.


In addition to its influence on the hormonal system, Moonstone has a positive effect on the digestive and nervous systems, also. In Tibetan folk medicine, Moonstones have been used to heal mental illnesses, epilepsy and other transient nervous attacks, as well as help the nervous system.

Moonstone is used to treat diseases of the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, bladder, swelling, infectious diseases, arthritis, fever, asthma, blood and spinal diseases.


Moonstone is a genuinely magical and extraordinary stone, which has a whole spectrum of qualities and advantages, and these 7 benefits of Moonstone mentioned in this article are just the beginning. Believe me, there are many more, and what properties your moonstone will reveal, only you can find out. These will be some truly interesting observations.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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