Ammolite: What is special about this gem

Is Ammolite a rare stone? Yes, not many people may have heard of Ammolite. It is a layer of nacre formed by ancient marine mollusks, the ammonites, which lived more than 300 million years ago. We will tell you about this amazing stone, its features, and its benefits.


Ammolite can be almost any shade, but mostly they are green and red. Blue and purple ammolites are considered the most valuable, as they occur more rarely than the others.


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Ammolite VS Ammonite

Often people do not understand the difference between ammolite and ammonite. The difference is that ammonites are ancient animals, while ammolites are gemstones of biological origin. That is, an ammolite is a stone formed from ammonite fossils.


As we have already mentioned, ammolite is a rare stone, mined only in Canada, hence its value is high. Ammolite deposits have only been found in the Bear Paw Formation, which extends from Alberta to Saskatchewan in Canada and south to Montana in the United States. Ammolites have also been found in some places, but they are so small that they are not suitable for jewelry making. Extraction is fairly simple: shallow pits are dug, checked for fossils, and then the ammolite is mined, about 50% of which will be suitable for jewelry making.

This stone is composed of fossilized ammonite shells, which in turn are composed mostly of aragonite, the same mineral found in nacre.

Interestingly, different ammonites can have different compositions.

Like amber and pearls, ammolite is a biogenic gem, meaning that it is of biological rather than mineralogical origin. The hardness of the stone is 3,5-4,5, which is a low value, so the stone itself is dome-covered on top for greater strength, as ammolite itself is actually a very thin sheet, 0,5-0,8 millimeters thick.

The quality of precious ammolite is graded in a letter grading system from most desirable to least desirable: AA; A +; A; and A-. Quality is also determined by criteria such as the number of colors, how they shine, and brightness.



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Ammolite can be almost any shade, but mostly they are green and red. Blue and purple ammolites are considered the most valuable, as they occur more rarely than the others. The price of a stone usually depends on how rare the color is. In addition, the price of the amolite is influenced by the proportions of colors in the stone, i.e. the more colors and the more colorful the stone is, the higher the price of the stone.

It is worth mentioning that the best ammolite stones are those that have several colors that create a shimmering effect, as well as have a pattern with as few gaps, cracks, and inclusions as possible. The colors should be visible when you turn the stone in all directions and should be bright, shiny, and reflecting light.


Ammolite, like any stone of natural origin, has its own properties that are beneficial to humans, for example:

  • Ammolite jewelry can help relieve depression and other stressful conditions.
  • Ammolite helps with personal development, learning, and self-education.
  • Ammolite is considered an influential stone: it helps purify and strengthen the body, as well as counteracting the flow of negative energy.
  • It calms and soothes the wearer, and helps them deal with their feelings and find their balance.
  • Ammolite is a talisman for sailors and travelers, due to its association with water. Because of this, it is suitable for the water Zodiac signs: Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. Also, the stone will be an aide to those who by his profession are closely associated with the water element: sailors, fishermen, divers, etc.


Ammolite requires some kind of special care. However, the rules are quite simple: occasionally wipe the stone with a cloth to maintain its shine. It is important to note that ammolite should not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners or exposed to strong heat. Due to very low hardness level, avoid any phisical activities not to scratch or knock the gemstone. It is best to keep your jewelry with ammolite in its own pouch or boxed compartment to protect it from scratches. You should also remember to take rings and other jewelry out of the box when you come into contact with household chemicals, go out for sporting activities or use a swimming pool.



  1. Rarity and Unusualness of Ammolite
    At the moment, not too many people know about ammolite, as the stone is rare and is mined only in one place in the world. So you have all the chances to surprise people with your choice of stone for your jewelry. At the same time, we predict that ammolite will soon be more popular and that it will probably be many times more expensive than now to buy jewelry with this stone.

  2. Natural stone
    For a gemstone, ammolite has a very unusual origin. You will always remember that ammolite was formed over many centuries. It is impossible not to feel this power of the stone.

  3. The uniqueness of each stone
    No two stones are alike. They are all different and absolutely unique.

It is impossible to underestimate the power and energy of ammolite; it is a creation of nature, unique in its composition and properties. Take a closer look at the choice of this stone and you'll realize that it's created just for you.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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