Are artificial gemstones properties as good as the real ones?

Why Natural Stones are better than Artificial

Throughout time jewelry has been highly valued as an adornment and an investment. Jewelry has been passed down from generation
to generation and is a valuable family heirloom. As practice shows, many products do not use natural stones, instead they use artificial gemstones. This can be where problems occur when selling old items. And, when buying a new piece of jewelry, there is a choice - to buy jewelry with natural or synthetic gemstones. We are going to tell you what artificial and natural stones are, and of course, consider all the pros and cons of each type of stone.


The value of natural stones is that their formation in the earth may take millions of years. Natural stones are processed in order to improve color and transparency.


Natural stones are minerals that are formed in various environmental conditions inside the Earth. To get precious minerals out of the Earth's interior, we must dig huge quarries. The value of natural stones is that their formation in the earth may take millions of years. Natural stones are processed in order to improve color and transparency.

Natural stones can be precious and semiprecious.


To be called a precious gemstone, a stone must meet three criteria:

  • The rarity of a gemstone is determined by the complexity of its location in nature.
  • The longevity of a gemstone is measured in hundreds and thousands of years.
  • Beauty. The value is influenced by the color saturation, degree of refraction of the sun ray, color absorption spectrum and other characteristics.
Only natural stones are considered precious stones, and not all of them, but only diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, and pearls. They are transparent and hard, and the unit of weight is in carat. Such stones are rare in nature and are highly resistant to mechanical impact.


These stones are also called jewelry stones. The unit of weight is grams. Semi-precious stones are more common in nature than precious stones and are inferior to them on the hardness scale. Semi-precious stones include turquoise, garnet, topaz, coral, amber, and others.



Labradorite Statement ring
Swiss Blue Topaz Ring
Rose Quartz Ring
Sunstone sun and Moon ring
Floral Moonstone ring


Synthetic stones are stones that imitate natural stones, but are not mined in nature, but created in laboratories. Is it worth talking about their value? They do not have any jewelry value.

The most common synthetic stones are synthetic diamonds, sapphires, and quartz. Of course, there are also many other stones. Since the times of medieval alchemists, who tried not only to make gold, but also to produce gemstones, science has stepped much further ahead, and you can now synthesize almost any stone.

It is interesting that synthetic stones are not just glass; they have the same crystal structure, composition, and physical properties as gemstones. Only experienced specialists can understand where a synthetic stone is used and where one is natural.

It is worth saying that there are also imitation stones. Such stones are only fake replicas of natural stones, which have the same color and appearance, but the composition, physical properties, and crystal structure do not match. For example, fianite or mussanite are imitations of diamond.




  • Gemstones are precious, semi-precious and ornamental stones that are used as jewelry and ornamental raw materials. As a rule, they are transparent or semitransparent.

  • The prices of gemstones will continue to rise, because there are fewer and fewer real minerals left on the planet.

  • Of all the gemstones, the diamond is the only one consisting of only one chemical element, carbon. Before the Mohs scale was invented, the gemstones were determined by their color. All green gems became emeralds, red gems became rubies, and so on.

  • The growth of fianite takes place under laboratory conditions, where the growth rate of crystals is up to 8-10 mm per hour.

  • As you can see, both natural and synthetic stones have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice is up to you.

It is worth saying that BlackTreeLab use only natural stones with their unique properties. We are sure that every stone has the power of nature to help people. Natural stones are not only beautiful, but also energetically strong; they can have a positive effect on their owner.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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