Are Moonstone And Labradorite The Same?

Moonstone and labradorite are two amazing minerals that look very similar to each other. That is why sometimes they can be confused. In addition to being similar in appearance, they are also minerals of the same group. In this article, we will tell you what similarities and differences these two stones have.


Both moonstone and labradorite are very beautiful stones with attractive and strong energy. These minerals are not the same, but they are similar. 



Labradorite has a hardness ranking of 6-6.5 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, which is quite a good ranking, although the stone, of course, requires care and attention. Labradorite is a tough and durable stone, which does not discolor or fade.

There are many labradorites, but unfortunately, not all of them are suitable for jewelry making. This is because not every stone has the labradorescence, the iridescent shimmering that may be seen inside the stone when the light falls on its inner plates. This effect is quite magical. It is because of this effect that many people like the shining labradorite. 


You may have already formed some idea about these two stones and their similarities. We suggest summarizing the information.

What are the similarities between these two minerals?

First, these stones belong to the same group - feldspars, which are mined in volcanic and sedimentary rocks. Moonstone is a kind of labradorite, though it has a different mineral composition.

Second, the stones have the same hardness.

Third, these minerals, suitable for jewelry making, have a shimmering effect inside. Moonstone has adularescence, while labradorite has labradorescence.

Fourth, the most famous and popular color of moonstone is blue and rainbow. Labradorite also has a blue hue, so the stones look very similar.


The first difference between moonstone and labradorite is that they have different mineral compositions.

The second difference is that the color of labradorite includes not only blue hues, but also green, purple, and brown. The moonstone, on the other hand, has one color, while the shine inside the stone may be many different colors.

The last difference is that labradorite is opaque, while moonstone is transparent or semi-transparent; it is also possible to see the white inclusions inside the stone. There are no such inclusions inside the labradorite. Read our Blog article Labradorite Stone Meaning and Gemstone Healing Properties



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Are Moonstone And Labradorite The Same

Both moonstone and labradorite are very beautiful stones with attractive and strong energy. These minerals are not the same, but they are similar. Each of them has its features and merits. Each is a creation of nature, a true gift of the Earth, which can be just for you.

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