Benefits of Moonstone engagement ring

An Engagement ring is a ring that a man gives to his bride-to-be. The accepted ring represents an agreement of future marriage. Nowadays such rings are very popular and used in many countries, especially real moonstone rings. We suggest you learn more about engagement rings.


Moonstone has been used in jewelry throughout history, but only in the early 1900s did it become iconic.



The history of engagement rings began, according to scholars, in ancient Egypt, it is known that both partners wore rings of gold on the left ring finger, but only the pharaohs did so. Only they could afford gold, the rest were left to wear rings made of animal bones, leather, or plants.

In ancient Rome, a bride was given two rings: a gold ring, which she wore in public, and an iron ring, which she wore at home as she performed domestic duties.

In the Renaissance, the first documented use of a diamond engagement ring was by Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477 when he was engaged to Mary of Burgundy.

In the twentieth century, people in the United States were actively persuaded that only diamonds were suitable for an engagement ring. This was due to the active mining and sale of precious stones.

In modern times, the custom of giving a girl an engagement ring has survived in Western and other countries. It could be a new ring or a family heirloom. But nowadays, many people choose such rings with different stones, not just diamonds. For example, with sapphires, moonstones, topaz, and others.


Moonstone engagement rings have become quite popular in today's world, with rainbow moonstones being particularly popular.

So why are moonstones so popular for engagement rings and what is rainbow moonstone meaning?

First of all, it's an unusual and interesting choice of stone for a ring. Many people no longer like diamond rings, as it is an old and also expensive tradition, which is gradually dying out.

Secondly, moonstone is considered a feminine stone that has many beneficial properties specifically for women (increasing intuition, calming, enhancing feminine energy). Moonstone is also considered a "stone of lovers", which causes tender feelings and protects the true joys of love.

Third, the tradition of giving a ring with a moonstone actually has a long history originating in India. There, thousands of years ago, a moonstone was the traditional gift for newlyweds, which was believed to give love and keep the hearth and promote reconciliation in times of quarrels.



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Moonstone has a rich history. For example, in India, it is a sacred stone, a symbol of love, passion, and good luck. People have long believed that a moonstone ring can control one's destiny, help one see into the future, and awaken love in a person. As noted above, in India, moonstone is traditionally used as a wedding gift.


Moonstone has a significant spectrum of properties:

  • The stone is associated with the Moon, reducing its negative impact on a person.
  • Moonstone has a particularly powerful effect on women, giving them confidence and enhancing a woman's energy. There is an opinion that this mineral can help a woman in pregnancy and childbirth.
  • It is said to be capable of arousing feelings of love, and is even called the stone of lovers. In India, it is said to reconcile those who are in love and vice versa.
  • The mineral soothes and evens out a person's emotional state.


An engagement ring with a moonstone is usually preferred in a silver setting. It does look beautiful, but it also has a beneficial effect. This is because silver is a metal that strongly develops feminine energy and is generally a metal for women that will reveal and enhance the properties of the moonstone. Thus, moonstone and silver are a great complementary combination for women.


For a moonstone to not lose its properties, it is necessary to charge it. To do this, astrologers suggest putting a stone at a full moon so that it is exposed to the moonlight. After that, it is important to put it in water and then dry it. It is desirable to leave your stone under the influence of moonlight all night. This way, the properties of the stone will be repeatedly strengthened.


A moonstone engagement ring is a non-trivial solution to this fateful decision. In our opinion, this stone is very suitable for the specificity of an engagement ring, as well as looks very attractive in a silver setting. Read our Blog post  Moonstone Meaning by Color - White, Silver, Blue, Peach, and More

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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