Best gemstones for mothers

We often write about minerals for women, but many wonder if these gemstones are suitable for mothers. Undoubtedly, some stones have properties just for such a difficult, but amazingly beautiful matter as motherhood. In this article, we will tell what kind of gemstones are suitable for every mother. 


All of these minerals have properties that are indispensable to every mom. They can soothe emotions, combat states of fatigue and apathy, help restore hormonal balance during pregnancy and after childbirth, and contribute to overall well-being and mood. 

What gemstones symbolize Motherhood

The minerals that symbolize motherhood include quite a few different stones. The most famous are moonstone, rose quartz, aquamarine, citrine, peridot, amethyst, and pure quartz. All of these minerals have properties that are indispensable to every mom. They can soothe emotions, combat states of fatigue and apathy, help restore hormonal balance during pregnancy and after childbirth, and contribute to overall well-being and mood. 


Rose Quartz
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Moonstone is not only the most feminine stone, it is also famous for its ability to help in such a difficult but important process as childbirth. This is the best gemstone for pregnancy. This stone helps to facilitate childbirth, tune in, and stay strong. Moonstone is also used during pregnancy; it helps to adjust hormonal levels, calms the emotions of the pregnant woman, and helps her find balance. The calmness of a woman is what the mood of her whole family depends on. In our opinion, moonstone is the most famous maternal mineral that gives its properties to every woman. Just as the moon moves, moonstone reminds mothers that their bodies are rhythmic and that life is cyclical like the seasons.


Another undisputed favorite of mothers is rose quartz. This stone is considered a stone of unconditional love and devotion. It symbolizes a bond with a child and always reminds of this tender bond.

Rose quartz is a symbol of love in all its incarnations. In addition to being about love for a child, this stone symbolizes love for oneself. After all, a woman will only feel truly fulfilled if she loves herself.

Pink quartz can be kept in plain sight as a reminder to take care of yourself every day, even if it takes only a little time, but it will be a contribution to your good state of mind.

Rose quartz has a particularly powerful effect on a woman when worn close to her heart. This is because this stone has a powerful effect on the heart chakra, which is responsible for the feeling of love.

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Aquamarine is a stone for mothers that helps fight stress and calms the mind. Sometimes a woman feels lost and depressed because of her responsibilities from which there is nowhere to hide.
 Aquamarine helps to restore strength, be in balance, and not to succumb to apathy. For this stone to be most effective, it is recommended to meditate with it for at least a few minutes a day. Such a process will help to relax and restore strength.


Peridot is a delicate green stone. Not many people know that peridot helps during childbirth by stimulating contractions and delivering the baby faster and more painlessly.
 The effect of this mineral does not end there, it also helps prevent postpartum depression and drives away negative thoughts.


Moms often feel mood swings from fatigue. Postpartum depression, caused by decreased hormone levels and new responsibilities, is not uncommon. The best stone to combat such depressed states is citrine. This mineral helps to restore hormone levels, slow down and quietly enjoy the beautiful new role of a mother.


Purple amethyst helps women develop intuition, which is very important in motherhood. Her intuition tells her what to do, whether it's a child's feelings or a conflict over something. This stone actively influences the third eye chakra, developing intuition and helping to anticipate and have a special spiritual connection with the child. Amethyst is also known for its ability to combat anxiety in pregnant women as well as those who are already mothers. They are the best crystals for parenting.


Pure quartz is truly a mother's stone because it amplifies the energy of intentions. This stone is indispensable for women, as they always keep in their hearts the wishes and blessings for their children. The mineral strengthens the power of these intentions and contributes to their speedy realization.
 In addition, this stone increases the energy of other stones that are close to it. Therefore, pure quartz can be a great addition to the maternity stones listed above.


In motherhood there are different situations, it is important to be resourceful and able to replenish energy. One of the helpers in this difficult matter is natural minerals. No matter if you just became a mother or already have extensive experience in motherhood, learn to trust the power of natural stones. They contain the wisdom of the planet, accumulated for thousands of years.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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