Can moonstone be worn in gold?

We often encounter the question, "Can moonstone be worn in gold?” The answer is unequivocal: yes, it can. Moonstone is combined not only with silver but also with gold; that is why many jewelers, including us, make jewelry models with moonstone in gold. Such jewelry has an unusual appearance and certain properties, which we will consider in this article.


Moonstone is combined not only with silver but also with gold; that is why many jewelers, including us, make jewelry models with moonstone in gold.


Moonstone in Gold Ring
Moonstone Gold ring
Moonstone Gold ring
Moonstone Engagement ring
Triple Moon Moonstone Engagement ring
Moonstone pendant
Moonstone Engagement ring  set


Gold is preferred because of its high value and durability, as well as its special beauty.

Gold is a soft metal, so of course, you won't find jewelry made of pure gold, usually, gold is mixed with other metals, usually, jewelers use 14K gold. Metal with this assay has a high density, is machinable, and will last a long time.

The physical properties of gold include the fact that it does not tarnish, it is machinable, it has a rich color that varies in shades (pink, red, white, yellow gold), and it has a unique luster.

Because of these properties, gold jewelry often becomes a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. It is the metal that is often used for engagement and wedding rings.

When talking about the metaphysical properties of gold, it is worth mentioning that gold

  • has very strong energy;
  • helps people to achieve their goals and not to retreat in the face of difficulties;
  • is the strongest amulet; has the ability to store and accumulate information;
  • increases the strength of the person;
  • attracts money and good luck, brings wealth and abundance;
  • it gives qualities that are necessary for a person to achieve financial goals.

It is important to remember that gold favors only strong and strong-willed people. This metal does not patronize weak personalities and does not promote their development; rather, gold will inhibit the personal growth of weak people.


Moonstone is a mineral with many interesting and useful properties.

First of all, moonstone awakens in people dreaminess, softness, and tenderness, eliminates anger and inner tension, promotes intuition and imagination, brings relief to people who experience the negative effects of a full moon. Secondly, the mineral is considered feminine, it calms excessive emotions, helps to truly reveal femininity, to find happiness and love. It is especially beneficial for pregnant women.

Third, the moonstone not only contributes to the development of intuition but also helps to reveal your psychic abilities.



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Can moonstone be worn in gold


Moonstone is most often worn in a silver setting. Moonstone and silver reinforce each other and look very harmonious together.

But at the same time, this combination requires special care. It is because silver is a softer metal than gold. Besides, silver tends to oxidize over time due to the effects of sulfur, which is present in human sweat and the air. This is a completely normal and reversible process. The most important thing is to remember to take care of your silver moonstone piece!

Use a soapy solution and don't forget to wipe and dry your jewelry. For a greater effect, entrust your jewelry to professionals.


Moonstone in a gold setting is a great combination because both the metal and the mineral have strong metaphysical properties that do not contradict each other. All this will have a positive effect on the person wearing gold jewelry with a moonstone. In addition, gold harmonizes perfectly with the moonstone externally. The shine of gold and the shimmer on the stone harmonize together and complement each other. In this case, there are both everyday jewelry models and products for special occasions.

In recent years, more and more people choose engagement rings with moonstone. For such rings, it is more appropriate to use gold rather than silver. This is since gold is more resistant to various influences and retains its appearance longer. You can always choose a color of gold, such as yellow or pink. And if you like light shades, you can choose white gold, which is similar to silver but has all the properties of gold.


Moonstone Gold engagement ring has the prospect of a long history. Such a ring can be passed down from generation to generation and be assured of the integrity of the jewelry.

Gold and moonstone is a good combination for jewelry that will win your hearts and stay with you for years to come.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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