Chain in your pendant - which length to choose

A chain that is properly matched to the pendant is a guarantee that the jewelry will look appropriate. This is why it is important to pay attention to the length of the chain as well as its thickness and weave. In this article, we will tell you the secrets of choosing a chain for a pendant. 


There are men's chain sizes - from 18 to 24 inches, while women's chains range in size from 14 to 39 inches. Different stores provide different options, for example, from 14 to 24 inches. These are fairly common chain length options.


Chain options

If you buy a pendant in an online store, you will probably be asked to choose a chain. But chains usually have different lengths, because all people have different parameters and preferences. There are men's chain sizes - from 18 to 24 inches, while women's chains range in size from 14 to 39 inches. Different stores provide different options, for example, from 14 to 24 inches. These are fairly common chain length options.The size of the chain depends on a person's height, neck length, and preference. Of course, the length will also depend on the jewelry that will be worn with the chain. It is worth remembering that the wrong chain can spoil the impression of the pendant.Consider the different lengths of chains.



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Chain in your pendant - which length to choose

1) 14-16 inches
Such chains are quite short. The product will always be visible, it will not be hidden under clothing.

 2) 18 inches
A chain of this size is a versatile option, it is not too short and not too long. An 18-inch chain will fit almost any girl and even some men.

3) 20 inches
This chain is slightly longer than the previous version. This chain is suitable for you if you would like to accentuate the decollete area. Also, this size of chain is usually chosen by men.

4) 22 inches
Such a chain is already considered long, it can be used if your jewelry blends well with a long chain. Also, such a chain is suitable for people of large build. 

How to choose the right length?

To figure out which chain is right for you, you can use one or more methods:

1. Measure your necklace.
If you have a chain that you wear, simply measure its length with a ruler or sewing tape. Then you will be sure of the size of your chain.

2. Measure your neck.
To do this, take a sewing yardstick and wrap it around your neck, bringing it to the distance where the pendant will be placed. Write down these measurements and use them when choosing a chain.

3. Estimate your neck and body measurements.
For people with long, thin necks, it is best to use fairly short chains - 14 to 18 inches. For those with short necks, you can visually lengthen it by choosing a chain of 18 to 24 inches. For people with a wide and short neck, it is better to avoid short chains, it is better to choose a chain from 18 inches.In addition, it is important to consider the height. For example, for people of short stature, slightly longer chains are more suitable. Long chains, on the contrary, will emphasize the height of the person. Also, when choosing, you can rely on the shape of the face:- People with an oval face shape can wear chains of any length.- People with an elongated face fit short chains of about 14 to 18 inches.

But keep in mind that everything is very individual, so you need to carefully take all measurements and estimate the parameters. Choose a chain that will accentuate your best features.

4. Do a clothing analysis.
Reflect on what kind of clothes you wear more often, with or without a neckline, shirts or tops, dresses or t-shirts. Based on this data, you can conclude what kind of chain will look versatile with your clothes. If you're buying jewelry for special occasions, it may make sense to match the jewelry to a specific outfit. 


Using these simple guidelines, you'll be able to choose the best chain option for you. Keep in mind that there are no universal rules that apply to all people. Every person is unique, so focus on your taste and the measurements you take. Then you are sure to have a versatile and beloved piece of jewelry. 

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