Creating a Capsule Wardrobe for Jewelry

7 basic items + tips and rules

There is no female image that would look complete without jewelry. For one image, modest jewelry will do, for the other, on the contrary, it can stand out and be bright. It is the jewelry that complements and makes any image complete and stylish.

In order to always be able to choose exactly the right jewelry for your style, you simply need to create a capsule wardrobe of jewelry. But for such a jewelry collection you can't simply choose any jewelry, it is worth thinking carefully about what kind of jewelry to include. To make it easier for you to decide, and you could collect your own personal and unique jewelry collection, we suggest you get to know the basic set that will help you in finalizing your choice. That's why you need to consider your personal capsule wardrobe jewelry.


But for such a jewelry collection you can't simply choose any jewelry, it is worth thinking carefully about what kind of jewelry to include.


If you have a wedding or engagement ring (or both), of course, it will be number 1 on the list of your jewelry capsule collection. These rings are unbelievably valuable for every woman and will fit any image.


It is without such a ring that the collection will not do, and all because it will be combined with all clothing. It can be a silver or gold ring with a simple design. It is possible that such a ring will be with birthstone, a stone that suits you, for example, according to the sign of the zodiac or birth month. In general, you should be incredibly careful when choosing such a ring.


Another essential element in the collection is an extravagant ring for a special occasion, for example, a holiday or a concert. Such a ring should attract attention; it can be with an interesting and unusual design, with one big or even several stones. The ring may also have a birthstone, so it will be, not only a charming accessory, but also a real amulet, which will certainly help you.


The elegant necklace can also complement the image, especially if it is an outfit for a special occasion. Try to find a necklace that fits several outfits, then you can create several different and interesting images that will attract attention and make you irresistible. The necklace can be combined with the statement ring for a special occasion, which was mentioned above, but can also be a separate decoration.


Chain with pendant - a great option for everyday image! It is better if both the chain and pendant are made of gold or silver, then you can wear your favourite jewelry for many years. Of course, here you should also find something neutral and calm to fit your clothing. It is also important that the chain can combine with the casual ring, perhaps it will be jewelry in the same style, with the same stone, or even with the same design elements. The most important thing is to remember that if the chain is silver, then the pendant should be silver as well, the same for gold. We think that your sense of taste will tell you which jewelry to choose so that the image is sure to be irresistible.


A bracelet is next for the collection. It can be a thin chain with or without a pendant, a wide bracelet, a bracelet with patterns, a bracelet with stones. There can be many options, depending on your closet and your preferences. But remember that an elegant bracelet with a sophisticated design will probably not be worn every day, which means that you should consider buying a bracelet with an uncomplicated casual design.


A pair of silver or golden stud earrings is just as necessary an element of your capsule collection. They can be silver or gold balls, earrings with small stones or pearls. They can be worn every day and combined with clothes of any fabric and texture. Such earrings will not be conspicuous but will certainly look modest and elegant.


The above mentioned 7 basic items will make up your unique capsule jewelry collection. But it is also worth mentioning what the rules are for the combination of these items. Here are 6 most important rules to match your jewelry and style together:


  1. Let us start with the fact that in each image combination it is better to use jewelry made of one metal. Of course, sometimes you can find such an alternative combination, but it must be done very carefully, otherwise it will look ridiculous and inappropriate.

  2. Do not forget that you should not wear more than 2-3 jewelry at once. It can be, for example, earrings + chain with pendant + ring. Or necklace + bracelet. Pay attention to this rule, then the image will not be spoiled for sure.

  3. Do not wear 2 bracelets on each hand, also we do not recommend wearing 2 or more rings with different designs on one hand.

  4. Pay attention to the stones in your jewelry, or precisely to their combination with each other. It is good if the stones are the same, but it is not necessary at all; it is important that they match in color and size.

  5. Try not to overload your image with jewelry. It is better to spend a little more time on choosing jewelry than to pick up jewelry that does not fit your clothes.

  6. Always look at the clothing material and combine it with jewelry correctly. For example, you should not add a complicated necklace to a multicolored textured dress, it is better to limit yourself to earrings and a ring. But for a simple monochrome dress or blouse, a more complex necklace with stones will be perfect.


We hope that our tips for creating a capsule collection of jewelry have helped you. Don't lose your sense of taste, choose your jewelry with your soul and don't forget about your own unique style. And then everything will work out for sure!

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