Benefits of Larimar

Larimar is a blue stone with the energy of the sea, a stone of the element of Water, but of volcanic origin. Larimar has many names, such as dolphin stone, Atlantis stone, or Stefilias stone. It is worth mentioning that the stone was first found in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea. The mineral itself has a color and pattern obviously reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea: the blue color of the stone and the white overtones running through the stone. In this article, we will detail the properties and uses of this unusual mineral.


This mineral is great for people who have too much of a temper. It transforms excessive irascibility into a state of tranquility.


Metaphysical Properties

• Larimar has a strong calming effect, it can calm emotions and reduce tension. It is often used to prevent anxiety.
• The stone has a powerful effect on the heart, crown, and throat chakras as well as the third eye chakra.
• This mineral is great for people who have too much of a temper. It transforms excessive irascibility into a state of tranquility.
• Larimar has the property of marking boundaries, encouraging one to love oneself, and respect one's desires and needs.
• The mineral helps one to get rid of things and attachments that are no longer useful and have no meaning. It releases accumulated negative emotions such as angry thoughts, memories of pain, and other emotions that are not helpful.
• Larimar has the strongest effect on a person's voice, so the stone is suitable for anyone who works through the voice in their activities, like singers, orators, politicians, etc.
• The stone gives access to the wisdom that guides and keeps you on the right path.
• The mineral not only treats physical throat problems but also strengthens a person's confidence, allowing them to express themselves and their ideas freely.
• The stone also helps one not to concentrate on insecurities and fears.
• In addition, larimar is good for helping with awareness of the picture of the universe.


Larimar Ring

Curative properties of Larimar

• One of the important properties of larimar is its energetic help during and after pregnancy. 
• The stone has a positive effect on a woman, alleviates postpartum depression, and relieves stress.
• The stone is also used to heal throat, neck, and head problems. 
• Larimar can enhance the effects of light, water, or fire treatments, i.e. alternative medicine methods.
• The stone fights high blood pressure, infections, and inflammations.
• It helps to fight stress conditions and psychosomatic illnesses.



Knowing the properties of larimar, it is clear that its main purpose is to soothe and relieve a person from stress. Therefore, it is recommended to carry the stone with you when there is a danger that you will become anxious and nervous. Larimar can be kept on your desk or at home, or you can carry it as a crystal or piece of jewelry.

 Larimar is also actively used as jewelry. To feel the influence of the stone one must wear it close to the skin, and it is better to wear it as a pendant because the stone affects the heart chakra. Larimar is also excellent for meditation. After all, the stone can quickly calm, help find peace of mind, and awaken the mind.

Larimar is recommended for Feng Shui. It harmonizes energy and helps to improve the space of your home.


Larimar has very powerful energy, but it also requires cleaning from negative and old energy. To clean the stone, you should rinse it under running water, it can be, for example, river water. Thus a stone will be saturated with the energy of water and will be cleaned of all accumulated negativity. It is also recommended to leave the stone in the water for a few hours.

Sometimes you may hear that the larimar should be left in the sun, but that is not true. The sun deprives the stone of energy, strength, and color. On the physical plane, the stone will simply fade.

Larimar is a stone with a huge number of properties that have only positive effects on a person. The stone is a faithful helper on the way to overcome various problems and hardships. Larimar is suitable for everyone: those who want to solve any problems, those who want to get rid of unnecessary worries and improve their mood.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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