Five ways to wear moonstone jewelry in the summer

Moonstone has fascinated people with its beauty and mystery for thousands of years. Now, moonstone jewelry is also beloved and popular regardless of the season or fashion trends. This stunning stone is perfect for winter and cozy looks, as well as for summer and more free-spirited looks. However, in summer, there is an opportunity to show off your jewelry, as no layered clothing hides it anymore. It is summer that is the time for bold and interesting products. In this article, we will talk about five ways to wear moonstone jewelry in the summer. 


In summer, you can choose both classic blue moonstone pieces as well as more contrasting stones, such as pink or peach. These warm colors will look very summery and complement delicate summer looks.


1. Wearing rings in the summer

In summer, you can choose both classic blue moonstone pieces as well as more contrasting stones, such as pink or peach. These warm colors will look very summery and complement delicate summer looks.

You can wear one ring with moonstone, in which case it will be appropriate to choose a bright ring, perhaps even with a lot of details. Such a product will attract attention and definitely will not go unnoticed.

You can also wear two (or more) rings on one hand. Such an option is also common. The main rule is that the rings should match each other in style, as well as go well with your overall look.

 If you wear, for example, two rings side by side, make sure they don't scratch each other.

There are variations of ring sets where the rings can be worn on the same finger. This is a great option because the rings go well together and fit together perfectly. Therefore, you shouldn't have any problems with wearing a ring set. Also, you can always wear these rings separately. 



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Five ways to wear moonstone jewelry in the summer

2. Wearing pendants

It is summer when there is an opportunity to show your moonstone pendant in combination with the beautiful curves of your neck, shoulders, and arms.

Beautiful and graceful moonstone pendants will complement any summer dress.

After all, moonstone is versatile and goes with everything. You can wear both large and miniature pendants. Each piece will look beautiful in its way.

3. Earrings in the summertime

Long moonstone earrings are great for summer looks, and the moonstones will show off the stunning play of light within the stone. Iridescent moonstones will look especially bright. You can also give preference to miniature earrings – cuffs, carnations with moonstones of various kinds. Such earrings are always relevant at any time of the year.

4. Wearing silver jewelry in the summer

In summer, silver jewelry with moonstones needs special care, as it can oxidize more due to the heat.

If you follow all the necessary care and storage rules, your jewelry will look good during the warm season.

Because silver is an accessible and inexpensive metal, you can put together many different sets of moonstone jewelry. These can be pieces with large moonstones or, on the contrary, with small ones, but also beautifully shimmering thanks to the iridizing effect.

5. Gold jewelry in summer

Gold doesn't need as much care in the summertime, so you don't have to worry that the piece will lose its appeal.

Moonstones in warm colors - pink, peach, or even white - look great in a gold setting. Gold jewelry with a moonstone is great for almost any look, so do not be afraid to experiment and look for the best combinations.



To keep your rings, earrings, and pendants in excellent condition, we recommend following a few rules:

1. Always remove your rings and earrings before doing sports to avoid damaging the metal and the stone.

2. Never allow your jewelry to come into contact with water. Though moonstone will not deteriorate under pure water, the silver setting can oxidize.

3. Do not take moonstone products to the beach as sand can get under the stone and even scratches.

4. Try to avoid cosmetic products - perfumes, lotions, creams. This is because the chemicals they contain can spoil the stone and the setting of the piece. 


As already mentioned in five ways to wear moonstone jewelry in the summer, you need to stick to taking special care of your favorite pieces at this time of year.

First of all, wipe the pieces with a soft cloth as often as possible, paying particular attention to the moonstone.

Also, keep your jewelry apart from other objects so that the stone does not scratch against other harder stones.

As your piece gets dirty, you can clean it with a soapy solution (or water and dishwashing liquid). Doing so, do not rub the jewelry in any way, but gently brush it with a soft brush.

To sum up, what does moonstone do in general? Moonstone is the personification of moonlight, this stone is striking in its amazing beauty. It is not in vain that ancient peoples considered it a gift from above, used it as a talisman, and also considered moonstone a sacred and very strong stone. The moon has always been ascribed many incredible properties to the moon, and moonstone was considered to be charged with these properties. Now, as many centuries ago, moonstone still have not lost its properties, which everyone can feel. Check out our Blog post   Moonstone Meaning by Color - White, Silver, Blue, Peach, and More

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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