Garnet Vs Amethyst Jewelry: Pros & Cons Of Both

Minerals are amazing, first of all, they amaze us with their beauty, and then we learn about their properties and symbolism, their influence on the chakras, and much more. But people are often lost in their choice of stones, as they are all incredibly beautiful and there are many options for one person's taste. In this article, we will compare two very famous, but so different, garnet and amethyst.


Love, passion, and the color red are all associated with the garnet. Amethyst is used for meditation purposes. 



The name of the stone, Garnet, is consonant with the name of the fruit because it is derived from the Latin word, granatus, which means "Garnet seed. But except for their external resemblance, they do not have anything in common. Garnets occur in metamorphic and igneous rocks and are formed at very high temperatures and pressures.

At first, only red stones were known as garnets, but nowadays garnets are not a specific kind of gem, but a whole group of minerals. All varieties of garnet have a similar silicate origin. The composition and crystal structure of a garnet determine certain properties of the stone. The color of a stone will depend on the element that dominates it. Colors can vary from red, orange, yellow, green, brown, purple, pink, or even black.

The hardness of the stone is estimated from 6.5 to 7.5, which is a rather high value, so the mineral is less susceptible to scratches and damage. Such hardness also affects the durability of the mineral. It is worth noting that one of the oldest necklaces with garnet inlays is about 3000 years old.

Garnets are mined in Brazil, Canada, Finland, India, Russia, Madagascar, Alaska, as well as other countries. The most expensive and rare "blue" garnets, alexandrite, which change their color under different lighting conditions, are mined in Madagascar and Tanzania.


Amethyst is the most expensive variety of quartz, which is a rich purple or lilac color, sometimes even tinged with blue. Like all minerals in this group, it is silicon dioxide. The color of amethyst can be very deep or practically colorless, depending on the traces of iron in the mineral.

The origin of amethyst is connected with the movement in the Earth's crust of water, which has separated from magma. Such water contains substances of magma and also washes out elements from the surrounding rocks. Amethysts are later formed from these solutions.

The hardness of the mineral is 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. This is a very good value that determines the durability of amethyst. This stone is not prone to scratches and chips. Of course, this does not mean that it cannot be treated with care.Amethysts are mined in Armenia, Uruguay, and Madagascar. High-quality amethyst can be found in Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and the Far East. One of the most famous and old deposits of amethyst is situated on the Kola Peninsula.




Garnet can be completely translucent or, on the contrary, not translucent at all. The luster of garnet is clear and glassy.Garnets come in many different shades, as we have seen:

1. Almandite
This is one of the most common garnets, a cherry red color with a stunning purple hue.

 2. Pyrope
Similar in appearance to almandine, pyrope also has a rich red color with a purple hue. The name pyrope comes from the Greek word for "fire-like," as the stone resembles a fiery flame.

3. Spessartine
Orange garnets of different hues, ranging from pale orange to a deep, dark color. These stones are very reminiscent of citrus fruits or the Sun.

4. Uvarite
This variety of garnet has a deep green hue, the stone itself resembling an emerald.

5. Grossular
Grossular, unlike a univariate, is light green, sometimes even yellow. It gets its name from the Latin word "grossularite," which means "gooseberry. This is not surprising, as it looks a lot like gooseberries. Grossularia has several other varieties, including tsavorite and hessonite.It is worth mentioning that there are more than a dozen varieties of garnet.


Stones of amethyst have a glassy shine; they may be transparent or not translucent at all. Amethyst does not have the same variety of colors as the garnet, but it can have different shades of purple and lilac, which is why it is valued. This color can be pale lilac, deep purple, cherry red, mauve, or even black. This variety of shades allows you to choose the stone that suits you.

There are also several kinds of amethyst depending on how it is combined with other minerals:

1. Amethyst
A rare combination of amethyst and citrine that is irregularly distributed in the crystal with alternating patches of purple and orange.

2. Cauxinite in amethyst
The cacoxenite in amethyst is also a combination of two minerals, one of which is dark brown and the other is purple.

3. Chevron
This kind of amethyst is incredibly beautiful layers of dark purple and white quartz.

4. Brandberg
 A mixture of smoky quartz and amethyst which is only mined in Namibia.



Garnet value

The garnet has been valued for centuries for its influence on man and its beauty. Depending on its type, it can be either precious or semi-precious, and its price depends on its variety and size. Only transparent or translucent specimens with an interesting coloring are good for jewelry making; stones should also be evenly and richly colored.

Red and pink garnets are more valuable in the jewelry business. The most precious garnets are demantoid, tsavorite, and spessartine. The most noteworthy is the color-change garnets, which are more expensive than the other varieties.

Amethyst value

Unlike other stones, the value of amethyst is based on its color rather than a carat weight, and the most valuable stones are dark-purple with reddish hues. Transparency is not as important for amethyst as for garnet. Yet many amethysts are faintly light in color or have strong zones of a lighter and darker purple. These factors decrease the value of amethysts.

Also, a special price is set for rare kinds of amethyst such as Brandberg amethyst. 


Cutting and polishing are the two processes that turn a shapeless mineral into a work of jewelry art! A correctly cut stone is bathed in reflections of light and exudes a magical inner glow.There are three basic types of cut: cabochon, circle, and step-cut. However, these types have over two hundred varieties. 


The cut is especially important for a garnet because it determines the way the garnet reveals its natural beauty. The most usual cuts for garnet are the princess cut, the round cut, and the emerald cut. 


Amethyst stones lend themselves to various kinds of cuts; they can be round, oval, pear, emerald cuts, triangles, marquises, cushions, and others. One of the most common cuts for amethyst is the diamond cut. Amethyst is also a suitable stone for cutting various free-form shapes. All of these are relevant to jewelers who want to create unique designer jewelry.




The Garnet is a stone of love that can strengthen relationships through love. And if a person is still single, the Garnet can help find love and prepare for it.
Energy in balance
The mineral helps to balance energy, with it you will feel peaceful and relaxed. The stone also helps you to give up old patterns of behavior and boosts self-confidence.
Garnet promotes good luck in various areas of life. This mineral is especially valuable as a talisman when dealing with business matters. Creative energyThe garnet is said to be the talisman of those associated with art: artists, poets, writers, musicians, sculptors, etc.
The Garnet helps with circulatory problems, it also reduces stress and helps to get rid of toxins.


Amethyst helps you focus your attention on the important things, it is especially helpful for achieving goals.
An amulet for the senses
In relationships, amethyst strengthens feelings and helps avoid quarrels and conflicts.
The stone relaxes and helps to calm emotions, relieves tension and fatigue.
Amethyst can enhance intuition, and it also provides an opportunity to develop imagination.
The stone helps fight poison, improves circulation, and helps with headaches and ear ailments.


Depending on its variety, the garnet will be appropriate for the different signs of the zodiac. For example, Aquarius, Libra, and Cancer sufferers should choose any green garnet, while Sagittarians, Aries, and Leo should have a closer look at red-colored garnets.

Amethyst is particularly suitable for those born in February - Pisces, and Aquarius. It will also bring good luck to representatives of the following signs: Aries, Sagittarius, and Scorpio. 


The mineral garnet has a strong influence on the crown chakra, helping to unblock it and improve your mental state. It is worth noting that it has quite a powerful effect on the other chakras as well, connecting the upper chakras with the lower chakras and bringing them into balance.

Purple stone actively influences the third eye chakra, the center of world perception. Amethyst balances this chakra and helps one to be aware of life's situations. It also helps to balance the crown chakra, brings tranquility, and helps to focus on what is important.

Undoubtedly, both garnet and amethyst are energetically powerful stones with their spectrum of properties and benefits. Both stones have sufficient hardness and durability which is very important when choosing a mineral or piece of jewelry. Garnet has a large number of varieties of color. Amethyst, on the other hand, has a huge number of shades of just one color, so it will suit the taste of those who like purple.

 We have compiled a factsheet for your convenience.

Hardness6,5 – 7,5 7
ColorsRed, orange, yellow, green, black, blue (changing colors)Different shades of purple and lilac
ChakrasCrown chakra, the connection of all chakrasThird eye chakra, the crown chakra
Zodiac signGreen pomegranates - Aquarius, Libra, and Cancer
Red garnets - Sagittarians, Aries, and Leo.
Pisces, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aries
BenefitsQuite high hardness, different colorsQuite high hardness

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