Gemstone Symbolism: 20 Gemstones and Their Benefits

In ancient times, people valued minerals highly for their power and energy. After all, natural minerals contribute both to health and the normalization of our internal state of mind. For example, in ancient times, Tibetan Lamas always used minerals during the preparation of medicinal potions, the massaging of active points with stones was also popular, and in the application of stones to sore spots. Minerals are still highly valued by both lovers of beautiful jewelry and those who believe in their healing and magical power.

As with any issue, there are some "buts" involved. The powers of stones are extraordinarily strong, but only in the case that the stone is natural, i.e., minerals that are formed under various environmental conditions within the Earth. When glass is passed off as a stone, these non-natural minerals have no healing or metaphysical properties, leave the fake ones alone.

Every natural stone has a number of useful properties and the power to change lives. We offer you a list of the 20 most famous stones and their main properties.


Natural minerals contribute both to health and the normalization of our internal state of mind.


This mineral has a variety of properties, such as encouraging intuition and creativity, and endowing a person with tolerance and compassion. Also, it is important to know that moonstone is able to bring relief to those who are sensitive to a full moon. Moonstone is used to treat diseases of the kidneys, liver, and biliary tract, as well as infectious diseases, insomnia, arthritis, and fevers.



Labradorite is a stone of protective and mystical powers, it enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, and prophecy. Stones soften the negative aspects of the personality that deprive us of our energy, and it can help reduce impulsive behavior in children, adolescents, and adults. This mineral helps in the treatment of joints, in diseases of the genitourinary system, and the spine. Labradorite helps to activate the metabolism and promote the removal of stones from the kidneys. It is also believed that moonstone will stabilize a person's aura.


In ancient Rome, Opal symbolized hope and love. The stone influences over one's emotions and enhances optimism, stimulating originality and creativity, and helping you find and express your true self. Wearing opal will bring loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity to a person.
Medieval medical writings describing the healing properties of opal indicate that it calms the nerves, helps with heart disease, melancholy, fainting, and restores visual acuity.


The Garnet has long been associated with the clergy and nobility. Ancient Oriental magicians believed that the main magical property of the garnet was to kindle passion and love. It can also be called the stone of victory, strength, and courage. In this case, the stone was used as a talisman to bring an end to all difficulties and hardships. Garnet cleanses the body, promoting the regeneration of damaged organs and tissues, stimulating the activity of the pituitary gland, and is often recommended as a heart stimulant.


A sunstone helps to increase self-esteem and restore faith in oneself and one's strength. This stone is useful for creative people or simply for those looking for inspiration. It increases the productivity of work, as well as creativity, and also helps in the development of new and interesting ideas.
Sunstone affects the organs comprehensively, that is, it creates balance and harmony between the organs of the body, which is important for proper functioning of all bodily systems. It can also help in the treatment of the stomach, especially for ulcers.


In Europe Pearls were associated with chastity and purity. Pearls help you to gain peace and relaxation. They also help women discover their own beauty and to love themselves. Pearls have long been used to treat cataracts and other eye diseases. Pearl jewelry also helps with kidney, liver, digestive system, and hypertension. The ancient Chinese used them to enhance visual acuity, as well as for treating diseases of the ears. In the famous treatise of Tibetan medicine "Zhud-shi" it states that pearls can help with memory loss, nervous disorders, and nervous weakness.



This stone symbolizes balance and tranquility. Helping lonely people to make friends and family members to remain faithful. It also protects one from envy and other negative outside influences, such as gossip and judgment.
Aquamarine is said to protect sailors because of its strong association with water.
It is believed that aquamarine is beneficial to the thyroid gland and psycho-emotional sphere, helping to relieve stress and fears. It can also help you cope with seasickness.


Unlike the garnet, rose quartz symbolizes tenderness in love, rather than passion. It relieves emotional tension, heals old resentments, and enhances sensuality and self-esteem.
Rose Quartz is useful for diseases of the nervous system, through affect it can also relieve the body of fatigue. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and beneficial effects on the pancreas, excretory system, and bone marrow.


In ancient Greece, amethyst was believed to keep the head and mind clear. The stone calms and helps one to cope with addictions, and even gets rid of inner aggression.
Amethyst is used to relieve stress, strengthen the endocrine and nervous systems, purify the blood and boost energy. It regulates hematopoiesis and improves blood circulation.


The Egyptians believed that Peridot protected against nightmares and brought the wearer confidence, good luck, and health. It was also believed that if it were kept together with money, there would always be prosperity in the family.
It is recommended to wear the stone if a person has any of the following diseases: diseases of the spine and respiratory tract, vision problems, cardiovascular issues, liver disease.

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Gemstone Symbolism

11. RUBY

For Buddhists, ruby was one of the most revered magical stones. Its main magical property is to bring forth an attraction to greatness. This stone is able to bring peace of mind, warmth, and mutual understanding. The mineral is considered a talisman of love, prosperity, and protection. It attracts happiness to its owner, protects from temptation, drives away depression and melancholy, and heals the body and soul. Ruby plays a great role in healing various ailments. It helps to heal diseases of the spine, chronic tonsillitis, diseases of the kidneys, joints, liver, and digestive organs.


This mineral helps one to cope with his or her emotions, bringing peace and harmony, and helping in the making of good decisions. It also supports honesty and nobility. Kyanite helps in the healing of the nervous, genitourinary, muscular, and endocrine systems. It also has a positive effect on the brain and lowers blood pressure.


Lapis Lazuli is a stone of friendliness and sincerity. The mineral is also excellent for self-actualization, attracting success and prosperity, it reduces the negative influences of other people, and at the same time allows you to keep long-term relationships you’re your friends. Lapis Lazuli strengthens the body, mind, and consciousness and is used to stimulate the entire body. It is used to strengthen sleep, lower blood pressure and fever, as well as to treat various inflammations, eye and nerve diseases, migraines, and asthma.


Quartz stimulates memory, attention and thinking activity, it gives a person an enviable ability for speech, as well as attracting material wealth, luck, and success. Quartz has positive effects on the chest and respiratory organs. It is believed that if you keep a piece of quartz, a small chip or crystal, it greatly relieves the course of colds.


These stones create a sense of security, they can arouse creativity, and induce a cheerful mood. Tourmalines are often used for concentration in meditation. Tourmaline improves the endocrine and nervous system, helps with cancer, and can improve sleep.



The blue topaz is said to help unravel difficult situations and help to solve problems. It is said that this stone should be worn by those who want to get to the bottom of things. A mineral considered particularly important by sailors, who once believed that it would help lead them to shore and calm stormy seas.
In ancient times, topaz was used to treat poor eyesight. It strengthens the immune system, protects against colds, accelerates tissue regeneration, treats the digestive organs, liver, thyroid gland, gallbladder, and spleen.


Tiger Eye develops consciousness, discernment, and helps to distinguish true needs from imposed and indoctrinated desires. The energy of the stone is very dynamic, directing its owner to make the most rational decisions, instilling common sense, and helping focus.
This stone has a general restorative property, strengthening the body as a whole. It has a positive effect on the nervous system and is useful in healing psychosomatic diseases, it can also stimulate the recovery of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract and normalize blood pressure.


It is believed that amber can bring great luck to its owner, endowing them with vitality and vigor. The stone will remove depression, presenting happiness and mutual love, if a person's thoughts are pure. Since ancient times, it has been believed that there is almost no disease for which amber cannot heal. Nowadays, it is believed that the stone helps with headaches, sore throat, alleviates the effects of pressure fluctuations, magnetic storms, helps the spleen, improves cardiac activity, relieves toothache, and assists in many other ailments.


This stone carries a feminine energy, bringing warmth and comfort to the home, giving worldly wisdom and intuition, and helping to preserve and increase the family budget. Turquoise is especially good for the heart, lungs, liver, and stomach. The mineral can aid in strengthening eyesight, relieving headaches, treating colds, and promoting skin regeneration. It has a positive effect on the vocal cords and thyroid gland.


Since ancient times, citrine has been used as a talisman. It gave a good night’s sleep and protected people against nightmares and negative thoughts. Citrine is a symbol of sunlight and warmth. It has the power to cure neuroses and depressions; with its energy giving its owner vital power.
The aura of the stone stabilizes the work of the brain, having a positive effect on the psyche and nervous system. A useful mineral for chronic fatigue syndrome, it regulates the endocrine system, contributing to the removal of toxins from the body and purification of the skin.

Of course, this list of the incredibly useful and necessary properties and meanings of these stones could go on for an exceptionally long time. Take note and find your own stone (or stones) that you can use as a true talisman to constantly protect and take care of you.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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