Gemstones for Prosperity - Top-10 Crystals that bring money to your home

Minerals can be used for various purposes: to attract good luck, love, and to develop personal qualities. Also, minerals are often used for the attraction of wealth, there are crystal for business. They can attract the energy that you need to realize your financial successes and dreams. So what are the stones that can attract finances in life? These are such stones as pyrite, citrine, transparent and rose quartz, tiger's eye, ruby and emerald, peridot, amazonite, amethyst, lapis lazuli. Let us have a closer look at each of these stones.


The gemstones for wealth include pyrite, citrine, amethyst, tiger's eye, rose quartz, ruby, emerald, peridot, etc.



Pyrite is the most famous stone for attracting money. This stone helps to strengthen the belief that life is full of opportunities and it is only worth taking advantage of them. The stone also helps to acquire skills for solving various problems related to work or business. Pyrite is also known as a stone of good fortune. It is recommended to put pyrite on your desk.


This stone helps you understand and strengthen your intentions. This is its main property. To find and strengthen your intention, you should hold the transparent quartz in your left hand and think about what step will bring you closer to your financial goals. After such a process, the stone will be charged for the realization of your intention. But, of course, without your actions, he will not cope.


Citrine is a well-known yellow stone that can attract financial success. How to use citrine to attract money? The citrine is associated with the third chakra, so it should be placed on the solar plexus during meditation. This meditation strengthens your confidence and willpower, the stone attracts good fortune and unlocks abundance.

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Everyone knows rose quartz as a stone associated with love and relationships. This property of rose quartz is essential for attracting money into your life. First and foremost, rose quartz helps you gain self-confidence, which is very important because without confidence you cannot achieve your goals. Rose Quartz also helps to get rid of the negative memories of failures that keep you from moving forward toward your goals. The stone gently affects the heart and opens it.


The Eye of the Tiger stone is a stone that will make your plans and desires come true. It is also called the stone of good fortune and is especially known to bring good fortune in business. It is also called the Eye of the Tiger stone, and this name is associated with a combination of the energies of the Sun and Earth, which means that this stone will not become greedy or stingy, but will help you to be sensible about your money.

Also, the stone allows you to look at the situation from a different angle, it allows you to make the right decisions. The stone will always remind you that every situation has more than one solution.


These stones work exactly together. This is because the emerald has the energy of abundance and the ruby strengthens your confidence and wisdom. At the same time, the emerald is a true stone of royalty.

To feel the energy of the two stones, ruby and emerald, you can perform the following ritual: place the emerald on your heart area, and the ruby under your back. Such a process manifests abundance and allows you to acquire the ability to properly manage your resources.


Peridot works with your dreams, helping you to visualize them and then turn them into reality. The stone also helps you get rid of traumatic situations that keep you from evolving and moving to new levels of life.


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Amazonite provides harmony and teaches you to resolve conflicts with partners quickly and easily. The stone calms and balances your emotions, it certainly helps you to make the right decisions. This energy of Amazonite affects you, adding abundance and wealth to your life.


Amethyst is perfect for those who suffer from excessive fear of money. The stone helps to cope with the stress of work and business. Amethyst also helps one not to give up on one's goal.


Lapis Lazuli is a mineral that provides protection and prosperity. It is recommended to place this stone in the home to attract money and prosperity. Also, the stone allows you to find an idea that will help in financial matters or in solving any problems.


The power and energy of stones for centuries have helped people to find wealth and prosperity. It is because of this that people still actively believe in and use such minerals. It allows you not to give up and follow your own unique path. That is why it is necessary to know the growth gemstones for money

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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