Guide about Pearls: Origin, Meanings, Benefits, How to wear and care

Pearls are one of the most amazing and beautiful creations of nature. At all times, pearl jewelry has fascinated women. To understand how unusual this jewel is, you just need to look at it. And if you learn about its origin, symbolism, and properties, you can fall in love with pearls forever. In this article, we will tell you about pearls and their amazing ability to influence people.


Pearls are considered the most ancient gemstones, which began to be used in jewelry because they could be used "as is" without any additional processing.



Pearls, unlike stones mined from the earth and rock, have an entirely different origin. This unique jewel is formed in the shells of mollusks that live in salt or freshwater. The clam begins to envelop any substance in the shell, such as ground squash, in nacre. A protective process takes place in the shell. This is how pearls are formed. Layers are being formed all the time, and the more layers, the larger pearls become. It is worth mentioning that the process of pearl formation takes over 10 years.

Before the 20th century, to find pearl shells, you had to dive deep underwater. Not every pearl raised from the sea bottom was of high quality, as only 1 quality pearl could be found per 100-150 mussels. This profession was one of the most dangerous in the world. Consequently, pearls were very expensive.

Nowadays, this risk is no longer justified. The mining of wild pearls has not been practiced since the end of the nineteenth century, as it is also connected with the large-scale slaughtering of oysters. Nowadays, they have learned to create cultured pearls. This is the same natural process, but not in the sea or a river, but on a special farm under human supervision. The process of pearl formation on such farms is just 1-2 years.

Pearls are produced in Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, and other countries. 


Pearls are 90% calcium carbonate aggregate and 10% water and hornblende, conchiolin. This organometal consists of thin layers of nacre, similar to the rings on a stump.

The hardness of pearls is 3-4 on the Mohs scale, so it is delicate and fragile. It is easily scratched with any sharp object.

The durability of pearls depends on the thickness of the nacre layer. Organic matter present in pearls dries up and breaks down with time, so pearls have a certain lifespan; then they become dull, flaky, and deteriorate. But with proper storage and care, pearls will not lose their beauty for several hundred years.

It is worth mentioning that since pearls were only cultivated in 1901, it is still difficult to determine their exact lifespan.



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What Does Pearl Symbolize


We have already mentioned that pearls are cultured and natural, which in turn can be the river or sea pearls.Pearls come in different shapes and colors, and also have their trade names depending on the place of extraction or some other attribute. We prepared for you the table with the main classifications of pearls according to different features. The Pearl's symbolism in general is very big.

White Pearl symbolismThe most popular type of pearlClassicround
Black Pearl symbolismHas a cold dark-silver color, is extracted in TahitiBaroqueirregular shape
Cream, silver, gold, brown, and blueButtonflat on one side
Keishiarbitrary shape
Akoya PearlsWhite or cream pearls cultured in seawaterPearlpearls with colorful iridescence
South Sea PearlsMay vary from white to silvery or golden in colorAbalone Shellclam with a spiral structure
Tahitian PearlsDark pearls cultured in seawater
Freshwater PearlsFreshwater cultured pearls


Pearls have several factors that determine their quality:
• nacre thickness and quality;
• luster;
• the surface quality of the pearl;
• shape and size.

Because of the large number of quality factors, in international practice, pearls are referred to by the letters C, B, A, AA, AA+ and AAA, where C and B are not used at all in jewelry, and from A to AAA pearls have different characteristics.

Formovalalmost sphericalalmost sphericalspherical
Shinemediumnicevery nicegreat


Pearls have been loved since ancient times. It has many different meanings, there are myths and legends about pearls, in different countries they had their history and meaning.

In Ancient Rome, pearls were the symbol of high status and wealth. In Europe pearls were the symbol of longevity; in India, they were the symbol of prosperity and well-being. In China, it was a symbol of fertility and magical power, and in Greece and India, it was a symbol of marriage.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, there was a so-called "pearl age", as there was an incredible demand for pearls in Europe. The royal nobility spared no expense to buy luxurious jewelry made from natural pearls. In Eastern Europe, pearls have long been used as a talisman for good luck.

According to the Koran, it is one of the greatest rewards that can be found in Paradise.

 For Hindus and Christians, pearls represent purity. It is related to this tradition for brides to wear pearl jewelry at their weddings. According to ancient legend, the god Krishna found pearls on the seabed and gave them as a wedding gift to his daughter.

In ancient Greece, there was a myth that pearls were the tears of the gods. Myths of ancient Greece also tell of the appearance of pearls from the drops that fell from the hair of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite as she emerged from the sea foam.

In Hindu culture, pearls were called dewdrops falling from the sky into the ocean.

In China, there is a legend about the appearance of pearls: because of the terrible battle of the two dragons in the clouds began a thunderstorm, after which the rain of pearls fell on the earth.The legend of pearls in any nation emphasizes its mysterious and unusual origin. 



Pearl metaphysical meaning

Luck and protection
It is believed that this stone protects the wearer, as well as attracts good luck and wealth.

Calmness and tranquility
Pearls allow you to calm the mind and stop worrying unnecessarily. It also helps to fight anger and negative emotions.

Pearls help one to become more open, to find one's "true self" and to love oneself. It also represents wisdom gained through experience.

Sincere feelings
The stone enhances sincerity, truthfulness, and loyalty.Curative propertiesPearls products help with kidney, liver, digestive system, and hypertension. Pearls are considered useful in diseases of the lungs. It also helps in the treatment of various eye diseases.


Pearls connect the upper chakras to the lower chakras, helping to balance them. Pearls have a particularly strong effect on the heart chakra. If the heart chakra is imbalanced, you may feel anger and a desire to blame others for your problems. Pearls help you feel compassion and also teach you to take responsibility for your actions.

Pearls also bring enlightenment and understanding on a mental level. All of this is due to its influence on the crown chakra.

Zodiac signs
Pearls have a special effect on members of the following zodiac signs:
For representatives of this sign, pearls will help to avoid rash actions. It will also help combat excessive fussiness.
Water is the element of Cancer, just as it is the element of pearls. This stone enables Cancerians to make their dreams come true. It will also allow them to achieve harmony of mind and body, to find peace and tranquility.
For Aquarians pearls will protect them from bad thoughts.
For Pisces, pearls will help to cope with indecision and fear of communication.

Pearls are a traditional June stone.


It is customary to give pearl jewelry on the 30th wedding anniversary. Such a gift symbolizes fidelity, tenderness, and love. Pearl jewelry can be a good gift for loved ones on any holiday. But it is worth remembering not to give pearls to superstitious people, as there are superstitions that pearls bring their owner tears.


Engagement rings with pearls are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Such a ring expresses devotion, tenderness, and love, which makes it an appropriate choice for an engagement ring. In addition to being a very symbolic stone, pearls are also long-lasting, so the ring will keep the memory of such an important event alive for many years.


Pearl beads are most commonly used in the following jewelry:
• in rings;
• in necklaces;
• in earrings;
• in beads;
• bracelets;
• in pendants and pendants.

Among these jewelry pieces, some consist entirely of pearls and those in which pearls are one of the elements.Pearl jewelry can be worn as an accent in your image, for example, it can be massive jewelry. You can wear sets with pearls, such as earrings and pendants. Pearl jewelry is well suited to a business style of dress or evening gowns. It is also fashionable to add pearl accessories to basic images.It is worth noting that pearls look good with different metals - gold, silver, etc. 


In lithotherapy is a very popular therapeutic drinking pearl water, prepared according to the system of Ayurveda. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and hemostatic effects. To obtain the charged pearl water, several pearls are infused in a glass of water overnight. 


Pearls are negatively affected by four main factors:
• high temperature;
• high humidity;
• high brightness of the light;
• level of air pollution.

Therefore, care should be based on these factors. Wipe gently with a soft cloth after each wear and use dish wash liquid and water. Do not use perfume where your pearls will touch your skin, as this could cause them to lose their luster.Remember to remove your jewelry before exercising, bathing, and cleaning. Pearls are very sensitive to dry air, so jewelry with pearls must be stored in rooms with sufficient humidity, or you must wear it often enough.


Pearl products are, of course, suitable for women. In addition to being very beautiful, they also have a strong influence on a woman, helping to support energy cycles. Men can also wear jewelry with pearls, such as a pearl bracelet. Or they can wear pearls as a talisman. Pearls are suitable for entrepreneurs, politicians, various figures, i.e. strong, persistent and influential people. Pearls guide and support the energy of such people.

Pearls are a jewel that strikes with elegance and sophistication. It is a fragile and delicate creation of nature, born in the waters of rivers and seas, and known to mankind for many thousands of years.To make it easier for you to get acquainted with pearls, we've compiled a brief list of key points.

Composition90% - calcium carbonate 
Hardness10% water and conchiolin
Colors 3-4 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Shape White, black, cream, silver, gold, brown, and blue
Quality Factorsnacre thickness and quality, luster, pearl surface quality, shape, size
Properties Good luck and protection
Comfort and peace
Sincere feelings
ChakrasHeart and crown chakra, a connection of lower and upper chakras
Zodiac signsGemini
Anniversary gift30th wedding anniversary

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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