How to choose jewelry for a girlfriend and meet her taste - 9 practical tips

Choosing a gift is usually a difficult process that requires effort. It can be especially difficult to choose a gift for a girl that would meet her taste. Jewelry is a versatile and practical gift, but how to choose exactly what she likes? How to please her taste? In this article, we will present 9 tips to help you understand how to buy jewelry for a girlfriend's birthday surprise for girlfriend.


Choosing a gift is a difficult and energy-consuming business, but if you approach the selection of jewelry with attention and imagination, you can find a truly perfect piece of jewelry that will be remembered for a lifetime.

1. Following her taste

The most important thing in choosing jewelry for a girl is to give her a piece that she will like. After all, a piece that doesn't fit the girl's image will lie in a box and won’t be worn by her.If you have never paid much attention to the girl's jewelry, it is time to make an effort. To choose what you need, we recommend taking a closer look at the girl's image, noting what style of clothing she wears and what kind of jewelry she prefers. In addition, pay attention to the colors she prefers in her closet. So you can independently assess what can be suitable for her image, and which products it is better to refuse.If you do not trust your taste, you can ask a girl how to buy jewelry for a girlfriend's birthday surprise for girlfriend. If you want to make a surprise, you can learn about the jewelry that the girl prefers from her friend. 


2. Unique design

First of all, remember that you should not buy the product that you like, but the one that is sure to please the girl. Try to look at the product from her point of view. Feel whether it suits her or not. Pay attention to universal floral jewelry designs. Almost all girls like such products.

We recommend paying attention to designer jewelry because such products will look great for a very long time. This kind of jewelry is created with special care and love. In addition, designer stores usually offer flexible terms for repair and exchange of sizes.

3. Type of product

When you have decided on the style of jewelry, it is worth thinking about the equally important question — what type of product is better to give as a gift?

There is quite a rich choice of different items. The only question is the girl's preferences. Some do not like wearing rings, some do not like bracelets. It is necessary to look closely: what does the girl like, what kind of jewelry she wears more often? Then you can proceed to choose.

You can choose an interesting ring that will reflect the personality of your girlfriend, you can pick a minimalist ring that will go well with everyday outfits. However, there may be a difficulty with the choice of rings — that is, the size of the ring. To choose a ring, you need to know exactly the size of it.

Earrings are a great gift.
When choosing such a gift, it is better to think in advance what kind of earrings you would like to give — the ones for everyday wear, or earrings for a special occasion. When choosing, always pay attention to the type of clasps. Such a seemingly insignificant detail is what makes the earrings comfortable.

 A bracelet is also an interesting gift.
You can pick up a bracelet with an unusual weave, which will fit many different images. You can also pick an unusual bracelet with stones, which will complement the official looks or outfits for special occasions.

A pendant is a great option for a gift.
A pendant is a universal piece of jewelry, suitable for almost any outfit. You can choose a pendant that will reflect any symbolism associated with your relationship or with the girl's activities. Such a gift should be memorable and will become dear to her heart.

4. Choice of stone

Jewelry with stones is a popular option for a gift. But it is worth taking into account the characteristics of stones to choose the very stone that will suit your girl. Consider the basic criteria that you can rely on when choosing a stone:

1) Birthstones
If you know the month in which your girlfriend was born, you can determine which stone is right for her. For example, those born in June have the moonstone as their stone, and those who were born in February — amethyst. On this basis, you can choose a product with a stone. It will be symbolic and original.

2) Anniversary gemstones
If the length of your relationship allows it, you can make a gift for your anniversary. After all, there is a different stone for every anniversary, too.

3) Stone Properties
Do not ignore the properties of the stone. If a girl, for example, is engaged in creativity, you can choose a stone that will enhance creativity and creative energy. For example, moonstone, tourmaline, or lapis lazuli will do. If the girl is looking for her destination and is fond of various techniques of self-knowledge, then stones such as obsidian or agate will suit her.

4) Size of the stone
Pay attention to what kind of jewelry does the girl likes — voluminous or small? Based on this information, you can choose the size of the stone. We do not recommend to base only on your feelings, because men usually like bigger stones and women often want exquisite small jewelry.

5. Type of metal

Coming to the store or choosing products in an online store, you will still wonder, what metal is the best? This is very individual, it all depends on the girl's taste and style. But there are a few universal tips:

Silver is a popular metal often used for jewelry. Silver goes well with a variety of clothing. If cared for properly, silver jewelry will be in excellent condition for a very long time.

Gold is a more expensive metal than silver. These items are more valuable and do not require frequent care. Gold jewelry is a great option for a gift. We do not recommend buying jewelry that is made of metals that are coated in gold. Such items are not durable and can quickly lose their luster and gold plating. This will undoubtedly upset your girlfriend. It is also important to find out in advance if the girl is allergic to any metal. After all, if she will not be able to wear a ring or other product because of this, it will be very upsetting. It is better to find out about it before buying and choosing a piece of jewelry made of a metal to which she is not allergic.

6. Ring size

Back to the important subject of choosing a ring size. Without knowing the exact size of the ring, you can easily make a mistake. That's why we recommend finding out the size from the jeweler beforehand.

If you don't want the girl to guess what the gift is going to be, you can find out the size of the ring from her friend or ask the girl cautiously beforehand.

If she knows that you are going to give her a ring, it's better to find out the right ring size together. The best way is to go to a jeweler. You can also use a special device that allows you to measure your finger. 


8. Finishing touches

To make the jewelry more unique and individual, you can ask the seller to have the ring engraved. Such cute things will make your girlfriend happy and make the gift even more valuable. We also recommend finding out in the store about the possibility of adding a postcard to the order with an inscription that you come up with yourself. The gift wrapping also greatly decorates the gift. It is desirable that the gift wrapping is convenient to store the product.

9. How do you give a piece of jewelry as a gift?

The most common way to give a gift is simply to give it. But you can use more original ways, for example, hide the gift and make clues. Such a quest will be interesting and create intrigue.

You can also do a crossword puzzle, the answers to which involve, for example, facts about your couple. The keyword will be the answer about the location of the gift. An interesting way is a quest, before which the gift is wrapped and buried in the garden. You can draw a map to find the treasure. Such entertainment will be very interesting.

Choosing a gift is a difficult and energy-consuming business, but if you approach the selection of jewelry with attention and imagination, you can find a truly perfect piece of jewelry that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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