How to choose the perfect jewelry set for the boyfriend

During the year, there are many occasions to please your loved one. And quite often people choose jewelry as a gift. And it is not surprising, because both men and women like jewelry. Although at the same time girls have a lot of difficulties choosing a gift for their men. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the perfect jewelry set for the boyfriend. 


Choosing a gift is a difficult and energy-consuming business, but if you approach the selection of jewelry with attention and imagination, you can find a truly perfect piece of jewelry that will be remembered for a lifetime.

1. Follow your boyfriend's taste

When you are choosing a piece of jewelry, don't rely solely on your taste and experience. Oftentimes, what women like is completely unsuitable for men. So before you dive into the world of different options, we recommend analyzing your boyfriend's style. Remember what kind of clothes he wears more often – sports fits, business, or casual. Based on this information, narrow down the range of possible options. Try to analyze what kind of jewelry he already has - complex or minimalistic, voluminous or small, as well as which of it he wears more often.


2. Choosing an online jewelry store

When looking for a gift for your partner, you will probably come across a lot of stores. It doesn’t matter whether they are online or offline – it's important to understand the criteria by which it's best to choose a store.

1) Focusing on jewelry
We recommend choosing stores that make specifically jewelry. In this case, you will be able to find a lot of reviews about the products.

2) Quality of metals
Always check the composition of the metals and the percentage of metal and impurities. Silver is not the same everywhere; it has different impurities, some of which cause allergic reactions on the skin. Gold usually does not cause allergies, but it is worth checking how many carats are in the gold, as this affects the strength of the product.

3) Designer jewelry and mass production
Stores targeting a large number of people usually have certain disadvantages, such as the likelihood of seeing the same piece on someone else, as well as the likelihood of a short warranty on the jewelry. Stores that sell designer items usually do not target a large number of people, so the quality of the items is higher. Such jewelry will be more durable. As a rule, such stores offer loyal exchange and repair rules.

3. Design and product type

This is where your powers of observation come in handy. Knowing what kind of jewelry the guy wears, you can decide on the type of product that can be given as a gift. For example, many men wear rings and bracelets. Thin rings are also quite popular among men.

Pay attention to the rings with different themes. The volume of such a product allows the jeweler to place different images on it, for example, the image of a tiger, bear, bird, etc., and there is room for several stones. Such a ring will immediately attract attention, it is suitable for a variety of clothing styles. Such rings are jewelry that can be worn for decades.

Bracelets are also popular among men. A bracelet made of precious metal is a great gift that is sure to please the guy. The bracelet can be a classic style or can be with a completely unusual design.In addition, you can consider a pendant. This can be a chain of varying widths, depending on the preferences of the guy, as well as a chain with a pendant.

There are various interesting pendants with different themes. For example, in gothic or antique style.

4. Choice of stone for the product

Stones adorn jewelry and make it more colorful. In addition, each stone has its energy and properties. It is worth considering such factor when choosing jewelry.

Properties of minerals are different and unique. Try to figure out what kind of stone can suit your man. For example, if the guy has his own business or a career takes up an important place in his life, you can give a product with a tiger's eye, which brings good luck in business matters and helps improve financial matters. Sapphire is a stone of peace of mind, it helps to deal with anger and aggression, cope with unnecessary emotions, and it gives courage and determination. If a man is actively engaged in self-development and spiritual practices, the emerald or moonstone will do.

Also, the size of the mineral should be taken into consideration. Rings with large stones are jewelry that emphasizes personality. Such products are suitable for a special occasion, or casual style. Products with small stones look more sophisticated and can be worn every day. Although, of course, in any case, everything depends on the design of the jewelry. 

5. Metal

The choice of metal is an important step in selecting jewelry. For both men's and women's jewelry, silver or gold is what’s used most often. These two metals are definitely good, but each has drawbacks as well.

Silver is an inexpensive metal that can be kept in good condition for quite a long time. Of course, silver requires care and following certain rules when using it, but overall, this metal is durable. Silver is an excellent choice for everyday wear and solid jewelry with lots of details.

Gold is chosen less often than silver. This is due to its price because gold is an expensive metal. This gift will please a man because gold jewelry does not require frequent maintenance and is very durable. These products practically do not wear out and can be passed on from generation to generation. 

6. Ring size

When choosing a ring size, we don't recommend that you go by your notions and choose blindly. It is worth finding out the size of the ring beforehand. You can do it by measuring a guy's ring in a jewelry store.

Men like to wear rings on different fingers, which girls usually don’t do. For example, on the thumb or pinky finger. It is worth knowing that wearing a ring on each finger has its symbolism:

• On the little finger, a ring shows the status and male power.
• On the ring finger, a ring usually symbolizes marital status, although this rule can sometimes be ignored.
• On the index finger, rings associated with religious themes are usually worn. Also, a ring on the index finger may show affiliation with an organization.
• Rings on the thumb show independence and strength.
• Of course, one should not take this symbolism as a guide to action. One should choose a ring based on comfort. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to the rings for the index and middle finger. 


7. Chain length

When choosing a chain, you need to consider whether the man will want the pendant to be visible or if he will be hiding it under his clothes. We recommend that you look in advance at the chains the man wears and, if possible, measure his chain. Also, pay attention to chains with adjustable lengths. In this case, you won't have to worry.

8. Finishing touches

To add symbolism to your jewelry, consider engraving the ring. You can come up with an inscription or have the jeweler engrave a date related to your relationship. You can decorate your gift by choosing gift wrap and a card with a wish or other inscription. This will make your man even happier. 

Choosing a gift for a man is a complex matter, in which you need to guess his tastes and desires. And it's important to know how to choose the perfect jewelry set for the boyfriend. We are sure that every man will want to get quality and stylish jewelry that will complement his image and will be dear to his heart as a gift. 

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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