How to make your jewelry last longer

Jewelry is an item that requires just as much care as clothes or shoes. However, this is no reason to discard it. The right care always does the trick when it comes to preserving the longevity of your jewelry. In this article, we'll share how to make sure your jewelry stays in good condition for as long as possible. 


To keep the product looking great at all times, it's worth taking care of it properly at home. 


1. What can happen to the product?

Before we move on to describing ways of preserving jewelry, we would like to tell you about the problems that can arise with the items:

1. Tarnishing
Any metal will tarnish with time. Some metals tarnish slowly, like gold, and some tarnish faster, like silver.

2. Oxidation
There are active metals that tend to oxidize. One of the most well-known metals prone to oxidation is silver. This is due to the interaction of silver with air, water, chemicals, and skin. Oxidation is a natural process, but to avoid it, you need to take regular and proper care of your jewelry.

3. Scratches
Scratches and abrasions may appear on both the metal and the stones when the wearer is active. It is worth mentioning that the scratch- and deformation-prone nature of gems depends on their hardness. The harder the stone, the longer it will keep its shine and attractive appearance.



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How to make your jewelry last longer

2. Storage

To keep your jewelry in good condition, you need to organize proper storage. Consider the basic rules for storing your jewelry:

1. Separate from each other
The first thing to do is to arrange the decorations so that they do not touch each other. It is better to put them in a special box for jewelry, or separate cloth bags. This is important because the pieces can scratch each other if they are together.

2. Dry and cool place
The jewelry should be placed in a place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight, and where it will be dry and cool. Heat and humidity hurt metals and minerals, so you should avoid hot and humid places to store your jewelry. It is worth mentioning that proper storage is especially important for items with minerals that are prone to changes in the water balance, such as opals. For these stones, it is important to choose a place with optimal humidity, as well as to avoid sunlight and chemical liquids.

3. Cleansing

1. Home Care
To keep the product looking great at all times, it's worth taking care of it properly at home. The first thing to do is to wipe your jewelry regularly with a soft, dry cloth. There are also jewelry cloths designed specifically for that.Secondly, you should occasionally remove any accumulated dirt. To do this, dip the jewelry in a soapy solution (or water with dishwashing detergent) for about 15 minutes, and then gently scrub the jewelry with a soft toothbrush. The same procedure can also be performed on oxidized jewelry.

2. Professional Care
In addition to home care, you should go to a professional to clean your jewelry. After all, only a professional will be able to do the cleaning with special tools and techniques. After such care, your jewelry will shine like new. 

4. Compliance with the rules when using

1. Avoid exposure to chemicals
It is important to keep your jewelry away from chemicals, as they can oxidize the metal and damage the stone. Such substances include perfumes, lotions, creams, household cleaners, etc.

 2. Do not wear jewelry on the beach
It is better not to wear jewelry on the beach because salt water can oxidize the jewelry, and sand can scratch the metal and stone.

3. Avoid physical contact with your jewelry
It's important to remember to take jewelry off before sports and other physical activities, as the piece can become deformed from impact or violent compression.


5. Timely repairs

It is also important to take care of your jewelry and have it repaired in time. Even a slight chipped stone can ruin the appearance of your jewelry. If you notice any damage to your jewelry, it is advisable to immediately contact a jeweler or use the warranty of the store where you purchased the piece. Never try to fix your jewelry piece using glue or other materials on your own. Doing so may spoil it. You should also avoid using oil or other substances to brighten the stone, as oil will not only affect the stone, but also the metal. 

Proper storage, care, and cleaning are the key to the durability of your jewelry. It's important to treat all your jewelry with the utmost care so you can keep it looking its best.

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