How To Spot Fake Labradorite Quickly And Easily: 5 Tips

Natural minerals fascinate people, they beckon with their beauty and energy. One of the most beautiful minerals is labradorite. This is a mineral of amazing and unique beauty, a stone of "northern lights". But, unfortunately, more and more often people are faced with fakes, which dishonest sellers try to pass off as natural labradorites. To understand how to distinguish a natural stone from a fake, we have compiled for you the top 5 tips.


It is worth noting that labradorite is quite difficult to fake. It's all about its color play - labradorescence. 


It is worth noting that labradorite is quite difficult to fake. It's all about its color play - labradorescence. Labradorite consists of thin layers of different minerals, and when light passes through these layers, it breaks white light into all the colors of the rainbow, which are then reflected, deflected, absorbed, and flash before our eyes. This optical effect, for which labradorite is loved, is very difficult to fake. But fakes are still regularly found at the point of sale. Usually, they are made of glass or are synthetic stones.

It is not that hard to tell a natural stone from a fake one if you know some characteristics of the mineral: you should just pay close attention to it. 


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How To Spot Fake Labradorite Quickly And Easily: 5 Tips


Tip 1 - Pay attention to the color of the stone

Before going to stone dealers, we recommend that you look on the Internet for photos of natural labradorites. This is to see what color these stones come in.Labradorite is usually blue and green, yellow and orange, and sometimes can have purple hues. Due to the labradorescence, these colors play in the sun and shimmer, creating a fantastic rainbow effect.

If the seller offers you labradorite with any other colors or other color combinations that are not characteristic of labradorites, you should think twice.

Perhaps they are trying to sell you a fake.Also, if you are offered a large-size stone with only a single color, you should be careful, because it may be fake.

Tip 2 - Watch the color play in the stone

In natural labradorite, the color shimmers and comes from inside the stone, creating a beautiful glow. The color inside will begin to shimmer as you move the stone. You will not see this change in the fake stones.

It is worth noting that labradorite often looks quite dull at one angle, but when rotated, it begins to shimmer. The fake stones always look colorful. 

Tip 3 - Look at the price

Labradorite is a rather rare stone. Considering its origin, we can say that the large specimens are not that common. So if somebody tries to sell you a stone at a low price, you should think twice. It is probably fake.

Tip 4 - Pay attention to the cut of the Labradorite

Labradorite is a stone that is quite difficult to cut and shape. This is due to its color, lack of hardness, and durability. In most cases, labradorites are shaped like an oval, a circle, or a pear.

If you see a cut labradorite, it is more likely that you are offered some other stone or a fake that looks like the natural labradorite.

Tip 4 - Pay attention to the cut of the LabradoriteTip 5 - Ask for stone certificates

To avoid being fooled, it is better to ask for a certificate for the stone you want to buy. This will assure you that the stone is genuine.

Don't be afraid to ask the seller about the stones, to ask questions, and to get to the truth. This way you can let them know that you are not so simple and that you are not easily fooled.

We recommend always reading the information about the stone before buying it, learn to distinguish a fake from the original, as well as the properties of the mineral. It is very useful and allows you to treat stones with care and intelligence. It also allows you to choose a really good natural stone that will bring you joy for many years.


Labradorite is a delightful mineral, which contains the northern lights. Its shimmering inside cannot fail to excite the imagination, making you imagine multicolored shimmers in the night sky. This stone is quite easy to find, and you could own this beauty yourself. All you need to do is to know how to choose the stone, how to pay attention to it, and then you will be rewarded with a beautiful natural stone. Read our Blog article Labradorite Stone Meaning and Gemstone Healing Properties

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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