How to style one piece of jewelry for different occasions

Millions of people around the world almost every day think about what to wear and what jewelry to choose for their clothes. After all, jewelry is an obligatory part of any style as it complements any look. Often people try to choose such jewelry which can be used not only for one occasion but for different ones. The possibility of stylization and adaptation of jewelry to different occasions is an important characteristic of a jewelry piece. In this article, we are going to share some tips on how to style jewelry for different occasions.


To always be able to style your jewelry to match your look, we recommend choosing versatile jewelry that can be adapted for any occasion. 


1. Choosing versatile jewelry

To always be able to style your jewelry to match your look, we recommend choosing versatile jewelry that can be adapted for any occasion. This can be classic jewelry, such as minimalistic rings with stones, small pendants, and bracelets. Of course, having unique and themed jewelry can help in creating your look, but you should not get too carried away with the number of such items. 



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5 Jewelry Style Tips You Need to Know:

2. Think about the event

Almost any occasion needs jewelry, so it's worth planning your look. Try to assess the event you are going to attend. It may be a party with friends, a date, a formal, or some other event.

First of all, think about the elements of clothing from your outfit. And after that, you can start choosing jewelry. See what could be the best fit for your outfit. What product combines color, shape, and style? Try to combine different products, so you can find suitable options.

After all, sometimes a combination of jewelry works better than these items separately.

3. Create Layers of Jewelry

Different pieces of jewelry can be combined. One way is to create layers. You can turn even the most ordinary ornament into something special and appropriate for a holiday event.

Take several of your ornaments and try combining them. Perhaps you will combine several chains with pendants. The main thing is that they should be of different lengths and that they match each other in style. Rings can also be combined to create a more dressy look. Perhaps they will be rings of different textures, with different stones and details. Don't forget to use a color wheel when combining jewelry with stones to find matching colors. Bracelets can also be combined to create interesting combinations.

4. Choose sets of rings

Now it has become quite popular to buy rings in sets. This can be 2-3 or even more rings.

Why is it convenient? You can always decide which option will fit your look. For example, if you have 3 rings in a set (1 large stone ring and 2 small ones), you can choose 2 smaller rings for everyday looks, and for special occasions combine all 3 rings.

Also, the rings in the sets already go well together. You don't need to match them with other products. 


5. Make the jewelry an accent

If you want your jewelry to stand out and people pay attention to it right away, just make it an accent in your look.

Almost any piece of jewelry can be made to stand out. To do this, you can choose clothing that will not stand out too much, and the jewelry will attract more attention this way.

Also, if you would like to accentuate a certain piece of jewelry, you should not overload your outfit with other jewelry. Choose one accent piece, and as for the others, go with basic pieces. Then your outfit will be complete and concise. 

If you want to create unique and interesting images, try complementing them with your jewelry, and if you want to form a collection of jewelry that is suitable for different images and occasions, follow the above tips, and you will surely be able to create the best outfits.

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