How to wear 24K gold jewelry

Gold is a well-known precious metal that is not only very beautiful but also durable. There are several varieties of gold - 24k, 18k, 14k, 12k, etc. If we talk about what kind of gold is better, everything is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. In this article, we'll talk about what 14k Gold is and how to wear such gold.


24k Gold is pure gold without any other metals added; it has a deep yellow color and bright luster. But unfortunately, such gold is not suitable for everyday jewelry. The main problem is that 24k gold is too soft.



24k Gold is pure gold without any other metals added; it has a deep yellow color and bright luster. But unfortunately, such gold is not suitable for everyday jewelry. The main problem is that 24k gold is too soft, which means that 24k gold jewelry can easily get scratched or bent.

Nevertheless, pure gold is still used for jewelry. Such pieces are made for special occasions. Jewelry made of such gold should be treated with special care. It is worth noting that 24k gold does not tarnish or corrode.

24k Gold is more expensive than other types of gold because it contains no other metals besides the gold itself. The cost of gold decreases depending on the presence of impurities in it - silver, zinc, nickel, and copper. But that doesn't mean that it makes gold worse. These metals help make gold jewelry stronger and more durable.

The most popular jewelry is considered to be 14k or 18k gold.So, 24k gold is not the best option for jewelry, although this gold is expensive and prestigious.


As a rule, 24k gold is used for investments, bullion, and collector coins. Such gold is used as the basis for making 18k, 14k, and 12k gold. Gold is also used to make expensive jewelry for special occasions. In addition to that, gold is used as a decorative coating, for instance, for icons, interior items, etc. 24k gold is sometimes used in different medical devices and electronics.



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How to wear 24K gold jewelry


To keep your 24k gold jewelry from going bad, you need to know a few basic rules about how to use it:

1. Protect your jewelry from damage and mechanical abuse. It is advisable to wear your 24k gold jewelry only for special occasions and to take care not to scratch or deform the piece. Excessive pressure on your jewelry can damage it and bend it.

2. Always take off your gold jewelry before taking a shower, going to the bath, or doing household chores. All of these things can damage your jewelry and reduce its luster.

3. Also, take off your jewelry before you go to the gym. There is a chance of damaging the jewelry while working out.It is the careful handling of 24k gold jewelry that will keep it safe for years to come. This jewelry can be passed down and some pieces become antiques over time. 


To keep your gold jewelry in good condition, you need to take care of it. First, gold needs to be cleaned. To clean 24k gold at home, you will need soap and warm water. It is advisable to dissolve some soap in water and then put your jewelry in the solution. You can leave it for about 15 minutes to dissolve the dirt. After that, you should gently rub the piece with a very soft brush or cloth. This will remove any remaining dirt. I

t is worth noting that if your product has stones, it is recommended that you first study their features, as well as check the information about the possibility of cleaning stones with water and soap.

 We also recommend that you contact a jewelry shop for professional cleaning of your 24k gold pieces. The jeweler in the workshop will be able to clean your jewelry using specific products and equipment.


The main rule to follow when using 24k gold jewelry is to treat and care for it. It is this approach that will keep the piece in decent condition for a very long time.

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