How to wear men stone jewelry

Rings are an important element of a man's style. It is a special symbol that can tell a lot about a man. Men's rings can be different - simple or with complex design, bulky or small, bright or dark. In this case, each ring reflects the individuality of the man. In this article, we will tell you about men's rings and how you can wear them.


Kyanite, Labradorite, Green Tourmaline are considered to be the best gemstones for men's health. However, there are many others which affect positively on men's health.

Statement rings for men

Statement rings are special jewelry for men. Such rings usually complete a man's image, show his personality and symbolize important things.

Statement rings as a rule have a more complicated design than wedding rings. Statement rings usually have a large stone. The main purpose of such a ring is to attract attention and show their status.

It should be said that such rings are not new; they were used for many centuries. And now they continue to remain popular. It is believed that in Ancient Egypt there were such rings and they had a special meaning. At that time, not everyone could afford to wear a ring. Only rich and famous people wore them. Variants of the ring were also often worn in the cultures of the Vikings and Celts. Throughout history, they were used by warriors, hunters, kings, and craftsmen to show their status and tell their stories.

Nowadays, statement rings are popular jewelry that is available to everyone. They can be made of different metals depending on a person's preferences. They can be worn on the right or left hand. More often men prefer to wear rings on the right hand, as the ring will be more noticeable. It is possible to wear such rings on different fingers, we will tell you about it further.


1. Pinkie
A ring on the pinkie will be visible. In addition, wearing a ring on the pinkie shows the status and power of the man.

2. Ring finger
Usually rings on the ring finger symbolize family status. A wedding ring is usually worn on this finger. But if a man is not married, he can wear a ring on the ring finger of either hand.

3. The middle finger
Wearing a statement ring on this finger does not make any difference, but it is very comfortable to wear a statement ring on the middle finger. The center position of the ring on the hand is perfect for a bulky ring, and the ring will stand out and emphasize the style.

4. Index finger
A ring on the index finger in many cultures shows affiliation.

5. Thumb
This type of ring is not common. However, wearing a ring on the thumb shows a man's independence and strength. 

Reveal Men's rings with meanings

Kyanite, Labradorite, Tiger's Eye, Sunstone rings for men



The choice of stones for statement rings is huge nowadays. Men usually prefer dark stones with an interesting pattern. Some people prefer bright and light stones. Let's choose the stones that are best for statement rings:

1. Kyanite
This stone has a dark blue color that suits both business style and a more casual and freestyle. Kyanite strengthens a man's defenses, fights depression, relieves increased nervousness, and stimulates memory and mental abilities.

2. Labradorite
Labradorite is a stone with multicolored shimmers that can have different shades and patterns. Labradorite looks bright and unusual and can be an accent in a ring. The stone stimulates the mental activity of men, removes anxiety and stress.

3. Eye of the Tiger
This stone looks stunning, it has bands of various brown hues. The eye of the tiger is a universal protector, able to prevent and help cope with any kind of external influence. Men can also find confidence, strength, and the ability to control energy flows.

4. Green Tourmaline
The mineral has a deep green color. This stone usually does not have many inclusions inside, unlike emerald, which is much more expensive, and it is very difficult to find a decent stone. Green tourmaline is meant to bring out inner strength and to strengthen the courage and stamina that every man needs. The stone absorbs negative energy from the external environment and then transforms it into positive energy.

5. Sunstone
Sunstone can be different colors such as yellow, orange, or red. As a rule, the stone is opaque. It is worth saying that sunstone is known for at least several hundred years, it increases vitality and brings good luck to every man.


In modern times, statement rings are not just an indicator of a man's status, but also a ring that shows the individuality of the man, his history, and his views. A ring design can tell a lot about a person. Just statement rings are a wonderful way to tell the world about yourself.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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