Ideas of couple rings for valentine's day

Couple rings for valentine's day are not only an ancient tradition but also a trend that is popular with many people. What is the meaning of these rings? For whom are such rings designed? These and other questions are answered in the article. 


In Japan and South Korea, paired rings are given for 100 days of a relationship as a symbol of respect for the partner. 


Couple rings are rings that are the same or simply similar in design and that represent the affection of two people for each other. Unlike promise rings, paired rings do not imply a promise. Couple rings can be worn not only by people in love but also by friends or relatives.

These rings are usually given as gifts on significant dates, for example, on dating anniversaries to show mutual love and affection. It is worth mentioning that in Japan and South Korea, paired rings are given for 100 days of a relationship as a symbol of respect for the partner.

Couples rings are a great way at any stage of a relationship to thank and express your feelings for the person.

Unlike engagement rings, there is no specific finger for couple rings for valentine's day to be worn on. Such a ring can be worn on any finger or even on a chain as a pendant.  



Unlike engagement rings, paired rings do not have many stereotypes about their design. A paired ring does not have to have a diamond or other stone. Therefore, there is a lot of room for creativity. You can freely experiment with ideas for such rings.

Paired rings can have different styles, for example, elegant, or on the contrary, massive and assertive.

Silver or gold can be used for such rings. We do not recommend buying rings made of other metals as they may be less durable.

In addition, you can add an engraving to paired rings with the same inscriptions or with inscriptions that complement each other. That would be interesting and very symbolic.

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1. Connecting rings

Couple rings for valentine's day that fit together "like jigsaw puzzles" are quite well known. When such rings are joined together, you get a solid pattern. It is possible to get creative and come up with completely unusual designs.

2. Rings with stones

There are also rings that have stones in them. For example, birthstones for each person of the couple. Such rings will be symbolic and complement each other, showing the individuality of each person. You can also use the same stones, such as rose quartz, the stone of love, which would be appropriate for paired rings for lovers. Moonstone is also a stone that represents a strong union between two people.

3. Matching Rings

This is one of the easiest options for couple rings. You can buy identical rings, but, for example, the ring may be thicker for the man and the woman's ring may have a smaller stone in it.

4. Rings with symbols

If two people have any hobbies they enjoy together, you can show them on the rings in the form of symbols, for example, musical notes of a favorite song or an ornament of mountains for fans of such activities. You can think of completely different ideas and implement them on the rings. Such rings will surely become memorable and very dear to heart.



• We recommend that you think ahead about buying paired rings. This is especially important if you would like to make unique rings that will symbolize things important to the two people. Such unique rings usually take quite a long time to make, so it is worth taking care of the gift in advance.

•Don't be afraid to create your traditions. You can come up with amazing occasions to make your loved one happy. Also, don't limit yourself to traditional jewelry, try to create your own amazing pieces.

•Try experimenting! Don't be afraid to express your thoughts and ideas for paired rings. You can come up with ideas and consult with a jeweler about their implementation.

Rings are now a sought-after accessory for both women and men. A great way to express recognition to a dear person is to give a pair of rings filled with symbolism and love. Moreover, paired rings can not only express love but also be a symbol of a strong friendship or partnership. 

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