Is Moonstone A Rare Stone? Get The Facts!

Moonstone is truly fascinating. This stone has been used in jewelry for thousands of years, including by ancient civilizations. For example, the Romans admired moonstone because they believed it was formed from the solidified rays of the moon. And now moonstone continues to steal people's hearts. In this article, we will discuss whether moonstone is a rare mineral or not.


the Romans admired moonstone because they believed it was formed from the solidified rays of the moon. And now moonstone continues to steal people's hearts. 



Moonstone is a mineral from the feldspar group of orthoclase. It is worth saying right away that this group makes up more than half of the Earth. The mineral was discovered near Adula Peak in Switzerland. Moreover, the stone was known long before its discovery in this country. This mineral can be completely different colors: white, gray, peach, blue, pink, and even iridescent. Although the rainbow moonstone is labradorite, it is called the moonstone.Moonstone is not attracted more by its colors, but by its very beautiful optical effect, adularescence. This is a peculiar glow and shimmering inside the stone. This stone symbolizes femininity, lightness, intuition, and love. The stone is rich in various metaphysical and healing properties that have a positive effect on the wearer of the stone.



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This question is difficult to answer unequivocally. In general, moonstone cannot be called rare, but here it is important to talk about several factors:

1. Quality and size of the stone

Good quality stones are quite common, but usually, they are small moonstones. Large, good-quality moonstones are difficult to find, and their price is quite high. It is worth noting that inclusions inside are considered the norm, many people even like moonstones with inclusions, because it reminds of the natural origin of the mineral and emphasizes its individuality.

2. Color of stone

The most common are moonstones of a blue hue. Such stones show the adularescence very well, which is expressed by the blue shimmers inside the mineral. Other kinds of moonstone cost differently, depending on the color expression. Rather expensive and valuable is the rainbow moonstone, which has a unique multicolored shimmer.

3. Transparency

The transparency of a stone will determine its value. Transparent stones with a bright adularescence are much more valuable than opaque ones. It is worth mentioning that in recent years, moonstones with perfect transparency and bright luminescence appear less frequently, so their price is higher because of their rarity.

4. Deposits
Traditionally moonstones with their high transparency and bluish luster were mined in Sri Lanka, but exceptional stones have always been found in Burma and India. Moonstones from India are the most colorful and available in a wide range of colors. Much of today's moonstone production is concentrated in the state of Bihar in East India.

5. Special Effects
The most precious stones are those that have the "cat's eye" effect; that is, a stripe on a stone that moves when the stone is turned. There are also some Moonstones that have a four-rayed star.


Thus, moonstone is not a rare mineral at all, as it belongs to one of the most common groups of minerals. These stones are found in several places on the planet, and it is not difficult to find them on sale. But, as in any matter, one should approach the choice of moonstones wisely. It is worth thinking about those 5 factors we wrote about above. This is the only way to choose a stone that will meet your expectations, both in terms of beauty and price. Read our Blog article  Moonstone Meaning by Color - White, Silver, Blue, Peach, and More

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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