Is Rhodium Jewelry Safe To Wear?

Many people do not know and have never heard of rhodium plating and its use in jewelry. Rhodium plating of jewelry has many advantages. In this article, we will tell you what rhodium and rhodium plating are and how to safely wear rhodium-plated jewelry.


Rhodium is a rare silver-white precious metal that belongs to the platinum group. Rhodium is not called platinum; it is a byproduct of platinum mining, so it cannot be called the same. Most rhodium is mined in South Africa.



Rhodium is a rare silver-white precious metal that belongs to the platinum group. Rhodium is not called platinum; it is a byproduct of platinum mining, so it cannot be called the same. Most rhodium is mined in South Africa.

Rhodium plating is the top coating of jewelry. The rhodium coating is silvery-white, but it can be made in other colors by adding rhodium inks. Sometimes, for example, the rhodium plating can be black. It has an austere and unusual appearance, similar to oxidation, but it lasts much longer, although it is more expensive to care for. It needs to be recoated from time to time.

Rhodium plating will wear off over time. Especially if you wear your jewelry a lot. On average, the coating lasts a year, but it can last much longer. This depends on the item, for example on rings the rhodium plating will wear off more quickly than on pendants. If you wear the plating more often or if the rhodium layer is too thin, you will need to have it changed. It is better to ask the craftsman about the thickness of the layer you are going to be rhodium plated. The layer of rhodium plating should be of a suitable thickness so that it does not crack - ideally 75-1.0 microns.


This metal is used as a top-coat over another metal, such as white gold or silver. This metal is used as a top coating on top of another metal, such as white gold or silver.

Rhodium is used to make the pieces stronger and more attractive. Rhodium-coated jewelry becomes more durable, the metal is less scratch-resistant and therefore does not require frequent polishing. Rhodium plating also does not fade, is resistant to corrosion, and rhodium itself does not enter into chemical reactions.

In addition to the fact that the rhodium-plated jewelry becomes stronger and more durable, they also acquire a bright silver-white color. This color of rhodium can be applied to other metals, such as silver or white gold, but rhodium can also be deposited on other metals. Rhodium can, for example, be deposited on a yellow gold ring, which will turn white, but over time the rhodium will wear off and its yellow color will become visible. Rhodium can also be applied to cheaper metals such as bronze.



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Rhodium plating is safe; it does not cause skin reactions or other health problems, as it is neither toxic nor radioactive.

It is worth noting that rhodium is a hypoallergenic element that is suitable for those who cannot wear jewelry made of gold or silver because of the nickel content of these metals. Rhodium completely covers the item made of these metals, thus protecting the skin from the effects of impurities that cause allergies. If you are allergic to nickel or just want to protect your skin, rhodium is a great choice for you.


As we have already noted, rhodium plating rubs off over time. There is no way to avoid it. That is why we have prepared for you some recommendations for taking care of your rhodium-plated jewelry:

1. Do not make any effort to clean the jewelry yourself. You will only cause the plating to wear off more quickly if you actively tamper with the metal.

2. Occasionally, use a cloth or mild soap solution to gently wipe the jewelry.

3. Do not neglect the rhodium-plating process. If you see that your jewelry has lost its rhodium-plating, you should take it to a jeweler for a second rhodium-plating treatment.


Rhodium plating your jewelry is something that will beautify and preserve the appearance of the pieces. There are practically no drawbacks to rhodium plating except for the price, since rhodium is an expensive metal. Rhodium plating is safe for humans and is great for those who are allergic to nickel contained in silver. 

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