Kyanite healing and metaphysical properties list

Kyanite – this remarkable blue-colored stone has captured the fascination of many people. Unfortunately, it is not easily purchasable. The stone is often seen being fitted into various forms of jewelry, as people are attracted to its clarity, its shine, and of course, its color. Kyanite’s healing properties are also worth mentioning and should not be forgotten. And these properties are quite substantial. Let’s take a moment to get to know the important healing and metaphysical properties of kyanite.


The main merit of kyanite lies in its concentration of energy and its ability to target that energy towards specific tasks. The stone is able to transfer to its wearer the energy necessary to achieve difficult goals and to overcome various obstacles.


  • For women, kyanite helps with issues associated with the urinary and reproductive systems.
  • Treats illnesses related to both the muscle and endocrine systems.
  • Positively affects the brain and lowers blood pressure.
  • At the same time, the stone is good for increasing memory, stabilizing overall well-being, increasing vitality and balancing cellular metabolism.
  • Kyanite speeds up recovery from various infectious diseases. Helps with insomnia.
  • Promotes recovery from problems of the respiratory system.
  • It is said that kyanite positively affects attempted weight loss by speeding up the body’s metabolism and its exchange of nutrients.
  • The stone brings about a calming effect to the nervous system, helping one better react to stressful situations and to their consequences, and in the same way, improves quality of sleep.
  • The mineral is effective against infectious diseases and helps with joint problems.



  • The main merit of kyanite lies in its concentration of energy and its ability to target that energy towards specific tasks. The stone is able to transfer to its wearer the energy necessary to achieve difficult goals and to overcome various obstacles.
  • It is said that kyanite is not sensitive to negative vibrations, and for this reason it does not pick up and hold onto negative energy. On the contrary, kyanite has the extraordinary property of accumulating high-frequency positive energies.
  • Kyanite helps with avoiding situations where deceit or lies run rampant.
  • The stone makes its wearer more careful and astute in their decision-making, significantly decreasing potential financial losses.
  • It is believed that the stone guards the feelings of people who are in love, increasing mutual understanding between them, and helping them to avoid disagreements and blunders.
  • The mineral promotes the desire for self-development and movement up the career ladder, strengthening commitment to goals and increasing needed concentration.
  • The stone was even referred to as a compass for travelers.
  • Hung on a silk thread, travelers worn pendants with kyanite and believed that the shine of the crystal would help them find their way back, and that it would shield them from troubles on the road.
  • It is also said that kyanite helps restore balance to the soul in even the most difficult of situations.
  • Many people, who do spiritual practices, believe that kyanite serves as a unique source of meditational energy.
  • Furthermore, the stone is able to enhance the desire for obtaining knowledge.

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Kyanite talismans help everyone but they have a particularly beneficial effect on:

  • Entrepreneurs – The mineral helps individuals to see the malicious intent of competitors and to avoid mistakes in business.
  • Doctor and teachers – The stone relieves stress, hardens character and replenishes spiritual strength.
  • Politicians – The mineral helps these individuals gather their thoughts and in so doing, helps make them a more skillful speaker.
Similarly, kyanite will be especially useful for those working in creative professions and for those working in public institutions.

This stone is a must-have amulet for those who suffer from lack of self-esteem or heightened love for gossip and intrigue.

If the owner of the stone is a kind and good-natured person, then he will be attracted by the people with the same mindset.



In spite of all its metaphysical and healing properties, it is not recommended to wear the stone for long periods of time! With continual contact with the body, you may become depressed as the stone’s magical properties are very strong. It is worth saying that the stone will not bring any use to dishonest people. In fact, to those who are irresponsible, deceitful or lazy, and to those prone to fraud and dirty trickery, kyanite can be quite dangerous. If the stone is damaged or has become cracked, it has to be taken off, because otherwise this may lead to bad luck or even potentially unpleasant situations.

Kyanite continues to astound with its high number of uses and health-related properties. All of them will certainly have an effect on you; trust in the stone’s properties all while enjoying its beauty. But don’t forget about our recommendations either!

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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