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If you have ever been interested in the benefits between masculine vs feminine gemstones, look no further. Although any gemstone can provide exceptional benefits to any individual, irrelevant of gender, in this article, we have selected 5 stones that provide a little extra energy towards women or men, which can help reveal powerful strengths and incredible properties for you.


Kyanite, Labradorite, Green Tourmaline are considered to be the best gemstones for men's health. However, there are many others which affect positively on men's health.



The color of kyanite is heterogeneous and depends on impurities and light. The main color is blue, but purple, green, yellow, gray, and black are also found.

Kyanite is said to be beneficial for overly emotional men. The stone is filled with tranquility and harmony, and can deter adventurous situations, and promote good decision-making. In addition, the stone supports nobility and honesty. Kyanite also can bring wealth and the faithfulness of a beloved.

Kyanite helps to heal the nervous, urogenital, muscular, and endocrine systems. It also has a positive effect on the brain and lowers blood pressure.


Ruby is a transparent variety of gem-quality corundum that is bright red, dark red, or violet-red in color. It is often chosen by men, considering it is such a powerful and useful stone. The mineral is considered a symbol of strength, beauty, devotion to faith, dignity, and courage. This stone is also able to bring peace of mind, warmth, and mutual understanding. It helps attract happiness to its owner, protects from temptation, drives away despondency and melancholy, and can provide all round heal of the body and soul.

Ruby is attributed the ability to cure chronic tonsillitis, joint diseases, the digestive system, kidney, spine, and liver.

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Amethyst is a stone with a deep purple color that is perfect for men.

A stone of peace and sincerity. It can help develop the wearer's inner world, his intuition, and sometimes even insight.

Amethyst is used to relieve stress, strengthen the endocrine and nervous systems, increase the activity of the right hemisphere of the brain, normalize the action of the epiphysis and pituitary gland, purify the blood and boost energy. It also helps in regulating hematopoiesis and improving blood circulation.


Labradorite is a stone with an internal bright shimmering effect, that gives its owner the ability to achieve goals and pursue bold dreams.

When used correctly, the stone can purify the aura, bring good luck, soothe, and help in decision-making. Labradorite also enhances the propensity for visions and revelations and develops the wearer's stamina.

Labradorite is believed to have a restorative effect. This mineral can help activate the metabolism and promote the removal of stones from the kidneys. There is also a popular opinion that labradorite can stabilize a person's aura.


Tiger’s Eye has yellow and brown hues; and is perfect for almost every man.

A Tiger’s Eye can help any man to be confident, bringing a sense of power and the ability to control the flow of energy. As an amulet, it is a universal protector, capable of preventing and helping one to cope with any kind of impact.

The stone, as well as labradorite, has a general restorative property, strengthening the body as a whole. Providing a positive effect on the central nervous system, and also being useful in healing psychosomatic diseases.

More information about the stones for men and their effect on health can be found in our article Top Healing Crystals and Gemstones for Men.




This stone does not take the first place in the list of stones for women for nothing. After all, this incredibly beautiful stone with the effect of adularescence is considered a true talisman of femininity.

The stone gives a woman tranquility and wisdom, emphasizes, and strengthens the feminine energy, and helps to tune the natural energy cycles. It is even said that the stone can enhance intuition and clairvoyant abilities.

Moonstone also affects the female reproductive system, it increases fertility, and helps women in pregnancy and childbirth. The mineral has a positive effect on the digestive organs and normalizes the cardiovascular and nervous systems.


Rose Quartz is extremely popular among women. We think this is connected not only with its soft pink color, but also with the fact that the mineral is considered to be the stone of love. The stone is most suitable for unmarried girls and women who dream of finding their ideal companion.

The stone allows one to discover feelings such as compassion, empathy, and tenderness, and it can also help one to love oneself. This variety of quartz is said to be essential for people who are stressed, making women more susceptible to success and prosperity.

Rose Quartz is useful for diseases of the nervous system, through relieving the body of fatigue. It can also have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, normalizing the heart and blood vessels.


Lapis lazuli is a stone with a deep blue color, particularly suitable for strong women. It is said that lapis lazuli has the power to make a woman wise, symbolizing good luck, success, and prosperity, it can help women realize any plans and projects, and strengthen friendships.

Also, a healing mineral, it can help relieve kidney disease and gastrointestinal ulcers, purify the blood, also contains an antimicrobial effect, successfully treats skin diseases, and can facilitate in childbirth.



Tourmaline is one of the most famous minerals, including an entire collection of the most beautiful stones in the greatest variety of color and hue. Perhaps that's why women love it so much.

Tourmaline can give an owner a strong nervous system and longevity, helping to maintain the outward appearance of youthfulness, along with good health. Beneficial to both the body and mind, they create a sense of calm and security, can awaken creative abilities, and cause a cheerful mood.

The stone improves the endocrine and nervous system. Depending on its color, tourmaline may have an effect on different organs. Green tourmaline helps with liver, kidney, circulation, and skin conditions. Blue tourmaline has positive effects on the hormonal, lymphatic, and immune systems. And a black tourmaline can create a protective aura around its owner, allowing a person protection from the harmful effects of the environment.


Garnet is a red gemstone that women choose because of its attractiveness and properties.

The mineral is considered a stone of passion, emotion, and desire. It is the talisman of all lovers, which is why such stones are often exchanged between lovers. The bright scarlet garnet is said to stimulate the vitality of a woman and give her the energy and inspiration to realize her most ambitious goals and plans.

Garnet cleanses the body, promotes the regeneration of damaged organs and tissues, and stimulates the activity of the pituitary gland. It is also recommended as a heart stimulant.


We want to remind you that there is no clear division between masculine vs feminine gemstones. Every stone, and every person is an individual; the same mineral can bring happiness to any gender, but in some cases, these connections to the various masculine and feminine properties may wish to be enhanced.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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