Moonstone Care - How to Clean Silver and Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone is a well-known and popular mineral that people all over the world wear in their jewelry. But what do we know about how to preserve the appearance and properties of this stone? This article will provide tips on how to clean silver and moonstone jewelry, and the best practices on caring for one of the earths most beautiful minerals, the moonstone.


Moonstone has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, on this scale there are only 10 points, which means that moonstone is by no means the hardest.


Moonstone has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, on this scale there are only 10 points, which means that moonstone is by no means the hardest. It can be easily scratched by other stones or objects. And, if your moonstone is in jewelry, it can easily get damaged while doing the simplest of things. For example, in sports, normal household chores, even sunbathing or swimming. So, it is important to be aware that you must take extra special care and follow certain recommendations.

Of course, we naturally get attached to such things that are dear to our hearts, and we don't want to constantly think about when to take off or put on our jewelry. Still, it is important to be aware, as it can be a shame when you get a big scratch on a stone, especially when this could be avoided by simply removing the jewelry before going to the gym.



Moonstone jewelry does not tolerate pressure on the stone, so you cannot use mechanical cleaning or excess strength on the stone. Ultrasonic cleaning is also not suitable for moonstone.

And of course, never use chemical cleaners. Chemicals negatively affect both the stone and the jewelry setting - silver or gold. Even when you are cleaning around the house, these mild cleaning products can damage your jewelry, so be sure to remove rings and bracelets. Likewise, when washing dishes. It is common to think that nothing will happen, but in fact, over time, the stone will gradually deteriorate.


To clean your moonstone, you can use a warm water and dish wash liquid solution and a soft cloth that will not scratch the stone. You need to hold your jewelry and gently wipe it with the cloth and solution Then you should also gently dry the piece and put it into a soft, material-coated box. It is always best to store your stone on its own, in a separate jewelry box or in a box divided into compartments. This is important because the stone may easily scratch when in contact with other items. You can also store it in a separate pouch, which will also help to protect your piece of jewelry.

If you are afraid to clean your moonstone jewelry yourself, you can always trust this process to a professional jeweler who will be sure not to spoil the piece. With special tools, they can even take out the stone and completely clean all remaining dirt from it. If the surface of the gem has become dull, polishing or buffing will also restore its luster.


In addition to the specifics of caring for a moonstone, it is also worth remembering about the precious metals that frame your stone.

Moonstone with Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is damaged by iodine and chlorine, both of which are found in medicines, cleaning products, seawater and running water. And, if you rarely encounter these, you should remember you always interact with chlorine every time you wash your hands.

This is why it is always best to take off your moonstone gold jewelry when going to the pool or swimming in the sea, as well as when cleaning or applying creams, lotions, and sprays. Keep your jewelry away from medicines that contain chlorine and iodine and remove your jewelry if you need to treat an area of skin with medicine.

Moonstone with Silver Jewelry

Jewelry made of silver can really serve its owner for a long time, but it is necessary to take care of such jewelry, even more carefully than gold. This is because silver is a soft metal and is subject to deformation and mechanical damage.

Silver jewelry is negatively affected by sulfur, a substance that interacts with silver under normal conditions. Sulfur is present in the air and in human sweat, so it is impossible to avoid contact between the jewelry and sulfur. This in turn produces a black patina of silver sulfide which gradually forms on the jewelry. The jewelry can be cleaned with warm water and dish wash liquid solution and a cloth to regain its original appearance.

Moonstone in Rhodium or Oxidized Jewelry

Rhodium plating is the application of a thin layer of rhodium metal to a piece, which gives a cool luster, increases wear resistance, and prevents items from turning black. These such items require special care.

Never use brushes or powders to clean rhodium-plated items, as they can damage the delicate finish.

Care for such products is simple: you need to wash them in a warm water and dish wash liquid solution and wipe with a soft cloth. It is worth saying that a rhodium coating is not eternal, but if you wear items carefully, periodically, and clean them properly, then the jewelry will not lose its attractive appearance for a long time. And if the rhodium coating wears away, or is darkened, a professional jeweler can re-coat it for you.

Oxidizing is the application of an oxide to jewelry, resulting in a dark film of silver oxide. The oxide coating gives the piece an aged effect and looks unusual and beautiful. Clean oxidized silver with care. If you use an abrasive cleaning cloth or detergent, it may remove the silver oxide layer. So, it is usually safer to clean the silverware again with a cloth and warm dish wash liquid solution.


In addition to the fact that moonstone must be properly cared for, it must also be charged.

The Moon is an excellent conductor of subtle energies that support the human biofield. Through natural minerals, it influences our feelings, relationships with loved ones, affects intuition and develops psychological abilities.

To charge and fill your mineral with the energy of the moon, you need to put the stone under the moonlight for one or more nights. In order to properly charge a moonstone, you must do it on strictly defined days - on a full moon, you can do it one day before and one day after a full moon. If it is possible to leave the stones outside, in the open air - this is the best option. When properly done, the moonstone will be cleansed of negativity and filled with the energy of the moon.


Moonstone care is especially important. Without this proper care, both the stone and metal will not look as beautiful and attractive as they once did when you first bought your item. Remember to follow the care and cleaning recommendations for your stones, and your jewelry will never change, remaining exactly the way you like it. Read our Blog article Moonstone Meaning by Color - White, Silver, Blue, Peach, and More

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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