Moonstone meaning for lovers

One of the most famous stones symbolizing love is the moonstone. The magical luster and sparkle hidden in the gray stone have long fascinated people. This is a rare mineral of fantastic beauty, in whose magical properties many believe to this day. At the same time, moonstone has a lot of unique properties associated with the beautiful feeling of love.


Moonstone is an incredibly popular mineral nowadays. If you feel comfortable wearing a moonstone every day, you may not stop doing so.



Attracting love

Is Moonstone Good for Love? Moonstone can help to attract love in one's life. At the same time, the stone awakens love not only for the other person but also for yourself. In ancient times, people wore brooches with a moonstone on their chests to attract love. They believed that the stone helped them quickly cope with loneliness and find their soul mate. 


The mineral is known as a feminine stone that enhances feminine energy and attunes energy cycles. Women especially feel the effects of the moonstone, it awakens in every woman love for herself, helping her realize her strengths and awaken the energy to fulfill her most cherished desires.

The mother-child bond

Moonstone is a mineral that affects a pregnant woman. Even during pregnancy, it helps to create a strong bond between the mother and her child. Such a bond is true pure love.

An amulet for the senses

This mineral protects the feelings of two lovers, and it also helps to keep tender feelings for life. This is the first time that the stone has been given to the beloved couple who will be able to overcome all obstacles and adversities and maintain their devoted feelings. And if the couple was a quarrel, a rift, the lovers are advised to wear rings with moonstone: it is believed that they can successfully overcome obstacles to a happy life together.


This Moonstone brings out the tenderness, dreaminess, and sensitivity in those who are in love. It helps to achieve harmony in relationships, so this stone is very good for people who are firm, not accustomed to listening to the opinions of others, with a strong, explosive character. 

Calmness and tranquility

The mineral has the property of calming and affecting one's emotional state. The stone helps to balance emotions, and this directly affects the quality of relationships between people. Moonstone helps not only to cope with emotions but also to find mutual understanding and come to an agreement.


Moonstone has been known for centuries and has always been considered a valuable mineral endowed with many amazing properties.

In Indian culture, moonstone was considered a sacred stone, brought by Lakshmi and Vishnu to earth. It was modular, along with other gems, that Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu used to create the twelve-armed goddess Devi.

In India, this stone is considered sacred, a true symbol of love and passion, capable of awakening love in a person. It used to be even sold only in yellow cloth, as yellow is a sacred color.

In the East, the moonstone was called the "talisman of love", unmarried girls wore this stone to attract love in their lives. The stone can awaken tender passion, so it is highly valued as a gift for lovers.

In ancient Rome, it was believed that moonstone had a connection with Diana, the goddess of the moon, who bestowed love and wisdom on its wearer. 



Discover Lifelong Moonstone Rings and Pendants to Attract Love

Can you wear Moonstone every day?


Engagement ring

Moonstone is the perfect stone to express your feelings because it symbolizes love, tenderness, loyalty, and wisdom - something that is truly appreciated by lovers. That's why Moonstone engagement rings can be used as engagement rings. Such a ring has not only an amazing beauty but also a history. For example, in India, moonstone is given as a traditional wedding gift, and it is also used to reconcile a couple. 


Crystal for Love and Fertility. For couples who want to become parents, moonstone is an indispensable helper. We have already mentioned its properties, which influence pregnancy. But, in addition to that, the stone affects fertility and helps to become parents faster. To make these properties of the stonework for you, it is worth putting it near your bed, perhaps even under your pillow.  

For reconciliation

This mineral can also be used when there are misunderstandings and quarrels between a couple. It is necessary to take the moonstone in your hands and try to calm down by feeling the energy of the mineral. This method did not appear by accident, the moonstone has the strongest calming properties, so its use to smooth out conflicts is real salvation from excessive emotionality and anger. 


Moonstone is a stone suitable for lovers by all parameters. It is both incredibly beautiful, endowed with properties that help strengthen relationships, it has an ancient history and strength. All this, no doubt, will only intensify feelings and help to feel even stronger the value of each other.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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