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Do you know that a moonstone ring can uncover your female energy and become a talisman to help you in your everyday life?

The Moonstone is a unique mineral that looks as if it has hidden the charming moonlight inside itself. The gem has received its name for its appearance: the color is delicate, shining like actual moonlight.

It has been used for thousands of years, and it is connected to many legends and, usually, it is associated with deities. Many women and men thousands of years ago and even now prefer wearing Moonstone rings.

The Moonstone hides many secrets inside, and it is truly a feminine stone with unique healing properties, magical and metaphysical properties. Moonstone helps women cause it enhances intuition and creativity, psychic abilities, harmonizes their inner selves, and attune them to natural balance rhythms.

And most importantly– this unique crystal fits women of any age. What is this stone? How exactly does wearing Moonstone help, and why has its beauty and magic attracted people worldwide for thousands of years?


Moonstone hides many secrets inside, and it is truly a woman’s stone with unique healing powers.


It has to be said right at the beginning that Moonstone isn’t one specific stone, but a group of minerals connected by the same optical effect: it includes rainbow Moonstone, white Moonstone, peach moonstone, and others.

Those minerals are feldspars. The Moonstone consists of two mixed types of feldspar – orthoclase and albite, which differ in color. We will talk more about that a little bit later in this article. The stones are adorned with blue flares that remind you of soft moonlight.


Open your Femininity with Nature Inspired Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone Jewelry


The moonstone meaning back in ancient times, people connected the Moonstone with impressive legends about the goddess of the Moon, Love, Hunt, and many different people believed that it was connected to the Moon itself. Thus, many think that the Moonstone is space-borne, but in reality, it is not directly related to the Moon itself.

The Moonstone crystal is mined from the core of the Earth. It has entirely terrestrial origins and is created from hot solutions of sodium and silicon. During volcanic activity, the crystals rise from the core of the Earth, fuse in layers, and solidify. That’s how a gorgeous mineral is made.

According to Moh's scale, the Moonstone isn’t the hardest mineral – it’s only 6-6.5 out of 10. But a refined stone in jewelry will serve you for a long time.

Usually, the Moonstone is refined by turning it into a round or oval high-dome cabochon. It is rarely faceted because the flares are almost unnoticeable, and that is the main thing that attracts people.

Sometimes the Moonstone isn’t being processed at all, leaving it as a Raw crystal Moonstone. It looks unusual, and the flares are less noticeable, but in some jewelry or amulets, it looks more impressive that way.

The peak of Adular, Switzerland, is where the Moonstone was first discovered. People often found transparent stones that shone like the enchanting moonlight.

That’s how the crystal got its name. Nowadays, the most valuable sources of quality mineral are in India and Sri Lanka island and Myanmar, Brazil, and some other countries.

It should be noted that the Moonstone is collected “by hand,” meaning that people dig through mineral-containing gravel themselves. There are no mechanized mines; everything is done manually like it was thousands of years ago. This type of production is the least harmful to the environment.



Buying moonstone jewelry, you will encounter a baffling price difference. Why is that? Because the stone’s value depends on the color intensity, the stone’s size, and transparency levels. Few know that there are multiple kinds of Moonstone:

Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone – A transparent stone with a blue-like tint. Gems with stunning rich blue color are the most valuable and desirable. This effect is most noticeable under natural lighting. Blue Moonstone helps to keep your mind clear and focused.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone – has reflections that look like a rainbow. This unusual effect differentiates this stone from others. Besides being pretty, it helps with sleep, clears the mind, and rebalances emotions.

Gray Moonstone

Gray moonstone – this kind of Moonstone is also known as the “new moonstone.” Gray-colored, transparent, may contain inclusions.

White Moonstone

White Moonstone – white Moonstone with flickering light inside.

Peach or yellow Moonstone

Peach or yellow moonstone – this is a gem with gentle yellow-tinted peach color. It removes negative emotions and purifies the soul and body.

Green Moonstone

Green Moonstone – a green-colored gem, is not as transparent as the blue Moonstone but has its charm: if you look at it from above, you can see the light coming from inside the stone and is reminiscent of moonlight.

Pink Moonstone

Pink Moonstone – this stone is pink or yellowy-beige colored, looks very feminine-like and charming. Usually, you can find a “cat’s eye” among them or a gem with asterism.

There are other gems in the same geological group as the Moonstone, which are no less popular and widely used in jewelry:

Amazonite – unlike the other kinds of Moonstone, amazonite is not transparent, tinted blue-green or cyan. The stone can be of different colors, such as violet, orange, grey or red. The most popular in both male and female groups are the blue-green one.

Orthoclase – a transparent stone, colored light-blue and tinted yellow. This was the gem that was first found at Mount Adular mentioned before.

Any moonstone looks unique and enchanting. For instance, there are also extremely rare samples, those with “cat’s eye” or “starry sky” effects.


RAINBOW MOONSTONE AND LABRADORITE – same mineral, but different stones?

We noticed that clients have questions about moonstones and labradorites because they mix them up a lot. That’s not surprising – they are almost identical in structure but different in color. Let’s see how they are similar and what is the difference:


  1. Aside from blue and light-blue shades, labradorite can be tinted green, brown and violet, unlike moonstone.
  2. The moonstone is transparent or half-transparent with white inclusions, labradorite is not transparent and lacks white inclusions.

What does adularescence mean?

When we talk about moonstones, we can’t forget about adularescence – an effect that causes a refined moonstone to reflect light-blue light on its surface, making the stone twinkle. This effect is breathtaking in the world of gems. It happens when light and a layer of albite (small crystals) inside the gem interact. It is essential to understand that the thinner the layer is, the more intense the sparkling will be.

The Moonstone's Modest colors combined with the slight sparkling light make the stones a perfect fit for jewelry with divine feminine energy.



The peak of Adular, Switzerland, was where the first high-quality crystals were discovered. In many cultures, the Moonstone was considered sacred, and moonstone jewelry was more valuable than baubles from other natural stones and sometimes even gold.

Here are a few facts about the moonstone meaning in different cultures:

Meaning of Moonstone in India

The Moonstone is sacred in India. People believe that these crystals were brought to us by Lakshmi and Vishnu, who received them as gifts from The Moon. In this culture, the Moonstone symbolizes love, passion, and luck, and the person who possesses Moonstones will have psychic abilities and can see into the future and control destiny. It is believed that jewelry moonstone can awaken love in a person. They are also considered to be “dream gems” that bring their owner beautiful dreams at night. India holds the stone sacred to this day.

Meaning of Moonstone in Ancient Greece

According to Greek mythology, the Moonstone is connected to three goddesses: Artemis - the goddess of the hunt, fertility, and chastity; Selene – the goddess of the Moon and Hecate – the goddess of magic and moonlight. In Greece, the Moonstones were considered a gift from the hyperboreans that allowed someone to peer into the future. The gem allowed heroes the power to pass insurmountable challenges and difficulties and to defeat dangerous foes.

Meaning Moonstone in Rome

In Rome, the stone was favored by Diana – the goddess of the Moon. Ancient Romans believed that the stone would bring its owner luck, good fortune, wisdom, and love. It has been said that the Moonstone possesses properties that were associated with the Goddesses and the Moon like romance, intuition, femininity, emotions, and dreams. Also, Romans believed that this mineral helped clear the mind and granted wise decisions.

Moonstone Meaning in other cultures

In Europe, the crystal was not valued as a gem for a long time, but it was popular with mages and fortune-tellers.

Many different cultures associated (and some still do) the stone with travels. It was even called the “wayfarer’s stone” and protected people on a long journey.

In ancient Eastern culture, the Moonstone was considered a talisman they could wear moonstone on Mondays to bring luck to its owner.


In India the moonstone meaning is very old and sacred as people: In India, people believed that Moonstones were brought to us by Lakshmi and Vishnu, who received them as gifts from The Moon.


The Moonstone is a mineral that was assigned many different magical and healing qualities in the past. Modern high-profile and experienced astrologists also claim that the Moonstone has unusual qualities.


Feminine energy The Moonstone is being considered a female stone – it gives you confidence, emphasizes and amplifies feminine energy, and sets natural energy cycles in the body. This unique crystal is known to influence one’s emotional state and possess a calming effect. It can balance female emotions.

Tenderness, deep feelings, and enhanced intuition are the gifts that the Moonstone can bring a woman. It reveals the woman’s spiritual strength and even gives potential clairvoyance.

The gem also influences the female reproductive system, increases fertility, and helps during pregnancy and childbirth. Gemstone of New Beginnings The Moonstone is the “gemstone of new beginnings.”

It has a strong connection to the New Moon and Full Moon and intuition. It amplifies our emotional and subconscious aspects. Gemstone of Love It is also called “the gemstone of lovers,” which grants warm feelings and guards the true happiness of love.

Aura Cleansing
Wearing a moonstone enhances our intuition, helps to get rid of bad thoughts, and purges the energy aura of negativity.


There are many Moonstone healing properties such as :

Has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Normalizes the work of nervous and cardiovascular systems.

It prevents nightmares, normalizes sleep and energy, removes stress.

It is recommended that pregnant women wear moonstone trinkets before childbirth. The Moonstone is recommended to all women. It is called a “female stone” for a reason – it has a positive influence on the female cycle and regulates hormones and the reproductive system.


Back in ancient times, the Moonstone was called a symbol of love. This gem attracted strong feelings.

It can be seen as an amulet for people dedicated to creativity and art – the stone will help you fully develop your creative potential.
It also:
helps balance our emotional state and spiritual quest

Increases your speechcraft and persuasion;

Wards off altercations;

Grants wisdom and sobriety;

Can show the future;

enhances extrasensory abilities;

Guards travelers;

Pacifies quells anger.


Who does moonstone fit?

MOONSTONE ZODIAC MATCH: Who Does Moonstone Fit? According to ancient Indian knowledge of balancing energy in the human body and spirit, which were first documented in old “Veda” books in 1,500 and 500 BC, certain gems match each of seven chakras and help balance and nourish that energy.

People who study chakras will find it useful to know that the Moonstone is connected to the crown chakra, situated in the upper part of the head. This chakra is tied to our thoughts and reactions to the environmental influences—the moonstone aids in reconfiguring the balance of the crown chakra and, correspondingly, our energy. It is also said that spiritual power can activate the third eye.

It may seem that the moonstone influences only one chakra, but that’s wrong: the stone affects all of them, purifying them and removing negative energy from the body.

All zodiac signs can feel the power of Moonstone energy. According to modern astrologists, the Moonstone will best fit:

Leos will gain strength, confidence, and inner calm.

Virgos will gain wisdom, confidence and will become more prudent. The stone will help with family problems and strengthen love bonds.

The gem will help Libras discover their talents and bring their creative ideas to life. Scorpio The Moonstone will help Scorpios develop their creative potential as well.

Sagittarians will have an easier time finding solutions to difficult problems.

The moonstone patrons were born on a Monday – the day of The Moon. Of course, do not forget that it fits all women and is considered a female stone with tender energy.

But it is essential to possess a genuine natural moonstone for it to help you. Unfortunately, it is relatively easy to create a counterfeit, so be wary of purchasing fakes.


Moonstone jewelry is an excellent gift that many people will appreciate. In India, where the gemstone is still considered sacred, it is often used as a traditional wedding gift and a means of pacifying squabbling couples. It is also usually gifted on the 13th wedding anniversary.

It is said that the gem counteracts the negative connotations of the number 13 and its multiples. When you choose moonstone jewelry as a gift, we recommend taking note of the person’s zodiac sign and how they behave in life and personality. As practice and demand on moonstone jewelry show, the Moonstone is the number one choice of women of all ages.

Sometimes men also buy big moonstone rings: in this case, the gem is either used decoratively or to match the woman’s engagement ring, or to gain support that the man needs in the current period in his life from the gemstone – mainly creativity and intuition.


In the jewelry business, the Moonstone became widespread at the tail end of the XIX century. Such trinkets were accessible only to rich people, and the most posh sight was Moonstone gilded in silver. Nowadays, everyone can wear moonstone jewelry. On our website, you can find gold and silver rings, pendants, and sets of moonstone jewelry.

Also, it is worth mentioning the perfect union of Moonstone and silver in jewelry because many astrologists and healers call this blend the strongest for female energy development and getting the maximum benefit from a moonstone’s properties because silver, being the “female metal,” develops the gemstone’s properties.

You have to remember that every gem you wear must fit with others. Here are a few recommendations from astrologists on how to combine a moonstone with other minerals:

You already know that moonstone jewelry can help you in many different aspects of your life, but what jewelry you wear is also essential:

Rings and bracelets worn on the right arm strengthen intuition and develop creativity and personal attributes.

Jewelry on your left arm raises your mood, helps avoid conflicts, and protects you from unkind eyes.

Trinkets worn on your chest or neck corresponds with friendliness and mercy, attract love and support with figuring out your feelings.


Aside from using the Moonstone in jewelry, it is also widespread as a healing crystal in the practices of healers, mages, astrologists, followers of Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism, and people who believe in the healing properties of gemstones.

In the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, the Moonstone was used widely thanks to the pacifying Yin energy and affiliation to the water element. The best place to put the calming stone is where the chaotic Yang energy is concentrated.

Here are a few tips on the best spots for a moonstone crystal:

The gemstone will influence your imagination if you put it on your work desk.

If the stone is placed near your bed (or under the mattress), it will increase your female energy and your ability to love.

Also, if it’s situated beside your bed, it will improve fertility and hormonal balance.

When you find the balancing point in your home, place the Moonstone there — it will help bring all aspects of your life into balance.

Peach Moonstone Ring

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Pentagram ring with Moonstone "Pentagram"

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Gemstones can store both positive and negative energy inside of them. It happens not only when you wear them but also during their creation —

that’s why custom jewelry that the master puts his heart and soul, and energy into is much more valued. The person who picks such a creation will feel it instantly.

As with any other gemstone, the Moonstones have to be charged. How do you do it? For example, astrologists claim that the stone has to be placed under the moonlight to capture it during the full Moon.

After that, you have to submerge it in water, when the moonlight gains strength, and then pull it out to dry.

The Moonstone isn’t the most durable mineral, and it’s quite fragile, so you have to know how to take care of it: Keep it in a box with soft walls or in a pouch (BlackTreeLab packaging is ideal);

Do not drop or hit it; Don’t leave it under the sun; Do not apply chemicals to the gemstone. As you can see, these rules are applied to any piece of jewelry, so the Moonstone doesn’t require some special or complicated treatment.

If the stone in any Blacktreelab product is damaged, you can always contact us for assistance – everything comes with a lifetime warranty.

So moonstones are a natural treasure with a sensitive aura. Mystical, a cosmic revelation or a pacifier?

Everyone can decide that for themselves. Only one thing is undoubtedly true – the stone is beautiful and draws gazes to itself. You are unable to remain in the shadows with a beauty like this.

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