Moonstone Superstition: What are the Stones Trying to Say?

Moonstone is one of the most powerful and magical of stones. With its lunar glow, it captures the eyes of people all over the world. In addition to its magical properties, moonstone is shrouded in mystery and superstition. In general, many stones have always been associated with culture, and still, today have many legends and superstitions associated with them. In this article, we have collected some of the most interesting facts surround moonstone superstition.


One Indian belief states that a moonstone placed under one's tongue on a full moon will enable one to predict the future of love in a relationship.



Moonstone is a sacred stone in India, so there have been many superstitions associated with this mineral. For example, one Indian belief states that a moonstone placed under one's tongue on a full moon will enable one to predict the future of love in a relationship.

Lovers also often exchanged moonstones, especially after quarrels, to restore love and tranquility. In India, merchants could not even put this gemstone on sale unless it was presented on a yellow cloth, as yellow was the most sacred of all colors.

In Eastern countries, this stone is sewn into a woman's clothing to enhance fertility and to help with conception.

There is also belief around the world in moonstone divination. That when you put a moonstone under your pillow, it will cause conscious dreams.

It is also said that if you wear a pendant or ring with a moonstone, talents and hidden abilities will be revealed.

Since the moon renews itself every month, moonstones can also help wearers regain or maintain their youth and posture.

There is another interesting belief that says that the moonstone encourages others to agree with the plans and thoughts of the person who wears the stone. This helps a lot in business meetings, especially if you wear a ring or bracelet on the right hand and hold meetings during a waxing moon.

The Moonstone is also useful to shamans who perform rituals during the full moon. But it is also thought to be useful to card players, helping to win game after game.

An interesting belief surrounding the moonstone is found in gardening. It is believed that a moonstone planted in the garden when the moon is full will increase the yield and fertility of the garden. In the East, it was believed that if moonstones were hung on fruit trees, there would be an abundant harvest.



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  1. Some travelers believe that with moonstone they get protection, especially for those traveling at sea.

  2. Moonstone is an excellent good luck charm.

  3. The stone has its greatest power on Monday.

  4. Moonstone is given as a traditional wedding gift for the thirteenth year, as it purifies the energy of the number 13.

  5. This stone brings good luck and love to its owner.

  6. Moonstone is a healing stone and is especially associated with the water signs of the Zodiac.

  7. In many countries, it is believed that moonstone is able to protect people from the negative influence of the moon, because it embodies its positive properties.

  8. It is said that moonstone attracts love and therefore it is recommended to be worn by both single people and lovers, for whom it helps retain the passion.

  9. A Moonstone makes the character of overconfident, intolerant, and arrogant people softer, more sensitive, and gentler.

  10. The sages pointed out that on a new moon, that the stone cools and seems to be flooded with moonlight, starting to shine noticeably brighter, and as the lunar disk diminishes, the luster fades until the next new moon.


Often, when a stone falls out of jewelry, people associate it with certain bad omens, similar to the omens surrounding Opal. But in reality, this event has absolutely no connection with misfortune. And if a stone has fallen out of your jewelry, it is best to simply contact a jeweler who can fix your piece.

From all of the above, one conclusion can be drawn: the beliefs associated with the moonstone and moonstone divination have a positive connotation. And, of course, this has influenced the reputation and popularity of this unusual stone. People have always believed and will always believe in its exceptional power and energy, and the magic that surrounds the stone. The most beautiful thing is that everyone is able to feel the individual properties and magic of their own moonstone. Read our Blog Article  Moonstone Meaning by Color - White, Silver, Blue, Peach, and More

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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