Moonstone Vs Opal: Pros & Cons Of Both For Jewelry

Moonstone is a mineral with many advantages - beauty, incredible shimmers of color inside, properties, durability. Rainbow moonstone benefits are also well-known. An equally popular mineral is the opal, endowed with many positive properties. In this article, we will compare these two stunning stones and figure out what their pros and cons are. 


Moonstone hides many secrets inside, and it is truly a woman’s stone with unique healing powers.


Moonstone meaning

Moonstone is a mixture of orthoclase and albite, two types of feldspar. Moonstone is mined from the bowels of the earth. The crystals form when hot solutions of potassium and silicon rise to the surface during volcanic activity and fuse together in layers, then solidify forever.

The stone is known for its iridescence inside, called adularescence. This effect looks stunning. When light hits the stone, it begins to shimmer in different colors.

Opal meaning

Opal has an interesting origin. It has to do with the fact that in ancient times, the rains that flooded volcanic rocks were absorbed into the ground along with oxygen and silicon, and then remained in the cracks between the rocks, where they turned into amazing opals. There are opals for sale that have been mined along with their host rock, boulder opals. It is amazing and very beautiful.

Opal contains up to 20% water, which is why it is something called a living stone! Opal, like moonstone, is also valued for its stunning shimmers inside the stone, called opalescence. The plates inside the stone reflect light, which causes it to glow. 



Moonstone is not a very hard mineral. Its hardness value ranges from 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Therefore, you should be very careful with the stone so as not to damage it. With proper care, the stone will last a long time.


Opal is also not a very hard stone, and it requires a lot of care as well. Its hardness is between 5.5 and 6.5 out of 10. 


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This mineral is of medium hardness and strength, which indicates that it is quite durable. If handled carefully, it may last for decades. This is why many couples have been choosing moonstones as engagement or wedding rings. Moonstone wedding ring sets are quite popular these days.


Opal has certain characteristics that affect its durability. First of all, it is the fact that opal is afraid of temperature fluctuations, strong heating, and cooling. Opal contains up to 20% water, which means it is simply contraindicated to stay in places with dry air for a long time. Opal needs enough humidity, otherwise, it may crack and grow dull. It is recommended to wear it as often as possible, so the opal will absorb moisture from the air.


Properties of Moonstone

This blue mineral has many properties that help both physical and mental health. Here is a summary of moonstone metaphysical meaning.

• First of all, the moonstone can help every woman. It enhances a woman's energy, helps to cope with excessive emotionality, restores and supports energy cycles, as well as helps in pregnancy and childbirth.

• Secondly, the stone has properties that influence intuition. It even allows one to discover clairvoyance abilities.

• The moonstone gets rid of negative emotions and thoughts.

• This stone also has medicinal properties: influence on digestion and cardiovascular system. It helps to improve sleep and get rid of nightmares.

These are just some of the Benefits of Moonstone.

Properties of Opal

Opal, like moonstone, is endowed with many properties. Here are some of the opal benefits:

• It enhances emotionality and an optimistic attitude towards life.

• The stone promotes the creative development of the person, activates the imagination and abilities.

• Opal also protects its owner from energy absorption.

• Opal helps one to realize oneself, to achieve success in various activities, and to successfully express one's personality.

• The therapeutic properties of this mineral include effects on the water balance in the body, purification of the circulatory system, the ability to lower body temperature, and a positive effect on female hormone levels.



Taking Care of Moonstone

It is not recommended to leave this stone in a place where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Also, you should not use chemicals when wearing a piece of moonstone jewelry.

Sometimes you should clean the stone by wiping it with soapy water and a soft brush. It is better to store the mineral separately from other jewelry and stones, as it can be scratched.

It is worth noting that moonstone is an unusual mineral because it has a special mystical relationship with the moon. It is necessary to charge it in the moonlight, then it can be charged with the energy of the moon, and then it will pass its many properties to you.

Taking Care of Opal

The mineral requires special care because of its high percentage of water. If it is not cared for and forgotten, it can crack and lose its color! That is why it must be worn often, and kept in a place with enough humidity. Also, the stone must be protected from direct sunlight.

Opal may be cleaned the same way as any other stone, in soapy water, and then gently rubbed with a cloth.

If your Opal loses its color, you should leave it in distilled water for a few days and then remove it to dry. That way it will regain its properties and the color will return. 


Both moonstone and opal attract people in a special way. They are similar in color and have similar effects as well: moonstone has adularescence, while opal has opalescence. Each stone has its characteristics and benefits. For example, opal requires special care. When choosing a stone for your jewelry, you can use this handy comparison chart.

Hardness6 – 6,55,5 – 6,5
DurabilityLong-lasting with regular careLong-lasting with regular care
FeaturesMust be charged in the moonlightHigh water percentage - up to 20%
CareStandard care - cleaning with soap and waterFrequent wear, storage in humid placed + standard care
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