Moonstones in various cultures and their significance in those cultures

Moonstone has a rich history, as it has been known to people for several thousand years. This amazing mineral has always attracted people not only with its beauty but also with its unique properties. Therefore, there are many legends and stories associated with this shimmering stone all over the world. In this article, we will talk about moonstone in various cultures and their significance in those cultures.


In various cultures, the moonstone has traditionally been considered a traveler's stone, used as an amulet to protect travelers from various adversities, especially at night in the light of the moon.


Moonstone in the culture of ancient Rome

There is an opinion that the history of moonstone began in ancient Rome, where it was believed that the stone was formed from solidified rays of moonlight. It was identified with Diana, the goddess of the Moon, who was the giver of love, luck, and wisdom. It was also believed in Rome that such a mineral had the power to purify the mind and enable one to make wise decisions.



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Moonstones in various cultures and their significance in those cultures

Moonstone in Indian culture

In India, the moonstone is considered more than just a piece of jewelry, this stone is sacred in Indian culture, a symbol of love and good luck. People believed that moonstone was the hardened rays of moonlight. There is also a legend in this country that Lakshmi and Vishnu brought moonstone crystals to earth after receiving them as a gift from the moon. There is also a belief in Indian culture that this stone allows one to see the future.

Because Moonstone in Indian culture is associated with love and wisdom, it is still called a sacred stone and is even a traditional wedding gift. It is also believed in India that the stone can reconcile a couple.

There is also another Indian legend about the moonstone. According to this legend, the moonstone adorned the forehead of the Indian god of the moon. The moonstone's luster grew brighter as the moon turned full, which is why it was named like this, according to this legend.  

Moonstone in Hinduism

In addition to the traditional legend of Lakshmi and Vishnu, there is a no less interesting Vedic legend about the origin of the moonstone. This legend says that Vishnu defeated the king of demons in a battle and broke his body into small pieces, which, falling on the ground, turned into precious moonstones. And the glow of the moonstone came from the gleam of the demon king's eyes.Also according to Hinduism, the moonstone along with other minerals was used by Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu to create the twelve-armed goddess Devi.

Moonstone in Greek mythology

The ancient Greeks believed in the moonstone's connection to the three goddesses Artemis, Hecate, and Selene. The first goddess is the patroness of hunting and fertility, the second is the goddess of magic and moonlight, and Selene is the goddess of the moon. In Greece, as in India, they believed in the supernatural properties of the moonstone that allowed them to see into the future.

The Hellenists also believed the moonstone was a gift from Hyperborea, the land where those close to the gods and especially their loved ones lived. According to legend, it was the Hyperboreans who gave the moonstone to the world, and with it, joy and all kinds of abilities. The stone was attributed to enhancing intuition as well as the manifestation of divination abilities. 

Travelers stone

In various cultures, the moonstone has traditionally been considered a traveler's stone, used as an amulet to protect travelers from various adversities, especially at night in the light of the moon.

This belief was also common among ancient mariners, who believed that a moonstone on a ship would protect them from danger.


The Persian Legend of Eve

There is a legend that the moonstone is a creation of Satan, who watched Eve and noticed her admiring the moon. Then Satan created the moonstone that struck Eve. He also created it to create greed in the hearts of men.

The Legend of the Moonstone that Gives Clairvoyance

In ancient times, people believed that the moonstone had parts in every stone, but not every stone was capable of becoming so valuable. If a stone lay under the glow of the moon for thousands of years, it would absorb the magical moonlight and begin to glow. If a person found such a stone, he got the gift of clairvoyance and could even predict the future.

Chaldean Rites

The people of Mesopotamia had no right to use moonstone, it was the sole prerogative of the priests. There is one legend about the rites of the Chaldean magicians who believed that magic was especially powerful during the full moon. That is why they used the moon symbol, the moonstone, for their rituals on the night of the full moon. As legend has it, the stone became cold and absorbed all the light at night. The magicians placed the moonstone under their tongues so that their predictions would be more accurate.

Beliefs in Europe during the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, Europeans believed in the magical properties of the moonstone. They considered the moonstone a talisman for lovers and those just in search of a mate. Often people wore a moonstone around the heart, which contributed to the emergence of feelings of love.

Magical beliefs

There is one belief associated with magic - if a white spot appears on a moonstone, the magician can be sure that the moon gives him a blessing for magical rituals while endowing the stone with magical power. There is also a belief that if the moonstone turned red during a full moon, it contains the power of a witch.

Moonstone attracts sights and beckons with its unique beauty and mystical power. This stone resembles the light of the moon and has always had many associations with the night star. Moonstone in various cultures and their significance in those cultures is great since this stone has an amazing history, which in part has shaped today's understanding of this mineral. Learn more about Moonstone Meaning

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