Myths about Labradorites

Labradorite is a mystical and unusual stone with incredible shimmers that are impossible to take your eyes off of. Its mysterious patterns in the depths of the gem are truly mesmerizing and create a sense of magic.

During its history, labradorite has had a lot of names, such as the black moonstone, the fish's eye, and the peacock's stone. It was named after the peninsula in Canada, Labrador, where the unusual mineral was found some 250 years ago. The natives of Labrador called the mineral "fire rock" or "firestone. But this stone has been known for a very long time. And, of course, the mesmerizing stone has a large number of myths and legends about its appearance and use.

 In this article, we will share with you the most interesting myths and legends about the magical stone - labradorite.


In India, people believed in the ability of labradorite to bring love and family well-being. For this, it was necessary to have two stones of a blue-green shade for a man and a golden-brown shade for a woman. 


What does Labradorite symbolize?

In ancient Greece, labradorite was associated with a mysterious people, the Hyperboreans, who, according to legend, were among the peoples close to the gods. It was believed that it was they who discovered the magical properties of labradorite. Hyperborea died in a natural cataclysm, but its beauty, power, and creative powers were preserved in crystals that could give its owners a piece of lost knowledge. At that time there was a belief that the mineral would only help a worthy person. The one whose thoughts are lowly, the stone will not only not help, but also do harm.

In Canada, there are several versions of the origin of the labradorite. One of them says that the northern lights were hidden in the stone with many shimmers. When one of the warriors broke the stone with his spear, the northern lights returned to the sky and lit up with many colors. However, he was notwas able to release the radiance completely, so some of it remained in the stones. Indeed, when we look at the labradorites, we feel their power and also see the breathtaking beauty of the shimmers, similar to the mesmerizing northern lights.

Another Canadian legend says that labradorite is associated with Atlantis, a lost city. In Canada, the stone was valued and used for medicinal purposes because it was believed that it would increase people's energy as well as reduce stress and anxiety. This property of labradorite is widely known even now.


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In Scandinavian countries, there were other legends about labradorite. It was associated with the rainbow bridge of Bifrost which connected the earth to the realm of the gods. The bridge was said to be made of shimmering labradorite. It was also believed that the stone could be used to negotiate with the spirits. Finns often buried pieces of labradorite in their fields as offerings to the spirits of the earth.

There is another myth: the lights inside the labradorite are evolved beings trying to connect with us.

In India, people believed in the ability of labradorite to bring love and family well-being. For this, it was necessary to have two stones of a blue-green shade for a man and a golden-brown shade for a woman. This belief was closely connected with the well-known property of labradorite to strengthen family relationships. It was also believed that labradorite had a powerful effect on the throat chakra, which is responsible for the ability to speak openly. Therefore, labradorite has the unique property of boosting self-esteem, the stone helps combat insecurity, fears, and loneliness. The stone was also associated with the third eye chakra, which is receptive to higher knowledge and spiritual energy.

In ancient Babylon, labradorite was a special and sacred stone that was thought to be the sight of the gods. This stone was carried in a special leather pouch near the heart. It was said that the stone could only help one person but lost its power in the hands of another. Staring into its iridescent depths, the priests recited prayers and incantations. Now one of the most famous properties of this magic stone is that it can serve as a bridge between the lower and higher mind, that is, between the conscious and superconscious mind.In medieval Europe, labradorite was considered a stone sent from heaven. It was said to be an incredibly powerful stone, capable of healing and storing energy. One of the ancient myths says that moonlight fell on the stones by the brook and after the glare stopped in the miraculous stones, labradorite.


The energy and beauty of Labradorites are exactly the Labradorite properties that these minerals are loved for. Having a rich history and a large number of myths and legends, the stone attracts only more attention. After all, reading these unusual stories only makes us appreciate the stone and its properties more. Check out our Blog article Labradorite Stone Meaning and Gemstone Healing Properties

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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