Rainbow Moonstone and its link to fertility that every woman needs to know.


Moonstone is a mineral of countless shades, such as pink, white, gray, peach, and, of course, blue. But there is also another version of this stone, the rainbow moonstone. It is slightly speckled with inclusions inside, the reflection of light from which creates its rainbow effect. Rainbow moonstone promotes sleep, cleanses the mind, and restores the balance of feelings.

Even in ancient times, people believed in the connection of this stone to the moon. There is an Indian legend that the moonstone was formed by the hardened rays of the moon, which fell upon the Earth. Many people associated this stone with various gods that symbolize the moon - Selene, Hectate, Diana. And in Greece, the moonstone was identified with the goddess of fertility and chastity - Artemis. This may be one of the reasons why Moonstone is considered so useful for women, and especially for those who are expecting a child. Rainbow moonstone and fertility link - this is important thing to know for every woman.


Many people associated Moonstone with various gods that symbolize the moon - Selene, Hectate, Diana.


Moonstone has been known for many centuries for its varying properties, which favorably affect the emotional, physical, and spiritual state. Many people consider moonstone a real magical mineral, and people associated with magic use moonstone on the full moon for their magical rites.

In this article we will reveal an especially important topic – rainbow moonstone and fertility for women and its impact on reproductive functions.


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There is a widespread belief that a moonstone affects a woman's fertility, as well as contributes to the easy course of pregnancy and childbirth. This extraordinary transparent blue stone is often called “the mother's healing stone.”

The stone is especially useful for those who are planning to become mothers. At this stage, it is recommended to wear jewelry with a moonstone or to hold it close, for example, under a pillow or next to the bed.

In addition, moonstone also helps to establish hormonal balance, which is undoubtedly important for the fertility of women. The support and regulation of the menstrual cycle is another feature of this stone.

For nine months, a woman experiences an unusual, beautiful, but sometimes difficult journey. The influence of a moonstone helps to facilitate the pregnancy, balance emotions, and eliminate problems with sleep. It really reveals female strength and helps to make pregnancy a period that brings only positive emotions.

And when there comes the moment when a new life appears, the moonstone is also beneficial in facilitating childbirth. It is recommended to carry jewelry or a moonstone crystal with you before childbirth.

These properties of the stone are all due to the fact that the positive vibrations of moonstone circulate throughout the energy centers within the body, so there is an incredible impact of the stone on the whole being.


  • Moonstone helps to balance emotions in women.
  • Helps to reveal and enhance intuition and supernatural abilities.
  • The mineral can be used when starting a new business, to enhance our emotional and subconscious aspects.
  • It helps to find love and arouse affectionate feelings, and if a loved one is already in your life, the stone will help protect this union. The moonstone is also called the “stone of love.”
  • It removes obsessive, negative thoughts and even purifies the aura from negativity.
  • Moonstone is an amulet for people who are engaged in creativity, as the mineral helps to maximize one’s creative potential.
  • It gives wisdom and discretion, does not allow emotions to take power over you.
  • Keeps travelers safe. Amulets with moonstone are recommended for people who are emotionally susceptible to certain phases of the lunar cycle.
  • The stone has a positive effect on brain activity and the functioning of the digestive tract.



Moonstone is a great gift. Often, jewelry with this mineral is given as a wedding present. As a gift, moonstone is also suitable for reconciling couples. The 13th anniversary of the wedding is another reason to give a moonstone, it is also connected with the fact that the stone counteracts the negative influences of the number 13.

And, of course, the moonstone can be given to women who are planning a pregnancy or are already waiting for their child to come into this world. Such a gift will certainly not be forgotten and will not stay on the shelf. The moonstone will always bring its owner only useful properties.

It is worth remembering that the stone must be charged. This is important to preserve all the effects of the stone on people. To recharge a moonstone, you must put it in a place where the moonlight falls for a while. This way, the stone is refilled with the power of the moon and reactivates all its properties.

So, the moonstone is an amazing mineral that is rich in properties and influences on any person. It has a special effect on women and their fertility. It is an indispensable stone when planning pregnancy, childbirth, and the delivery. It not only facilitates the condition of women during this period, but also harmonizes the inner state of any man.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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